What apps are you missing on Windows Phone?

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One runs into articles that state that Windows Phone does not have all the apps that the writer needs. Or that Windows Phone lacks apps.

While it is true that Windows Phone has fewer app numbers than Android and iOS, I am not convinced that it lacks apps on the scale that some people  want everyone to believe.

Personally, I have used Windows smartphones as my daily drivers and did not lack any of my must-have apps. I have listed these apps before, so there is no point going over the list again.

PS: I certainly agree that some of the available apps on Windows Phone are seriously less capable/up-to-date than their counterparts on Android and iOS. BBM is one example. Horribly lagging behind.

Windows Phone Apps

So, this is what I’d love to do this time: list the apps that you need but are unable to find on Windows Phone. Perhaps we shall see how few these missing apps are. Hopefully too, perhaps some developers will rise to the occasion and deliver the few missing ones.

Do go ahead and list those apps that you have personally been unable to find on Windows Phone. Thank you for reading and responding.


  1. My favorite apps that are missing on Windowa phone are
    Bacon Reader for reddit
    Chmate for reading chm documents and epub files
    Pyhtonista for coding

  2. L1320. Daily driver. Fantastic phone, big screen, great battery life.
    The app I miss the most is niche: Medscape.
    Every other app I need is either available or has a great substitute.

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