The world is steadilly going smartphone crazy, and along with that comes the apps craze. You have probably heard the phrase, “There’s an app for

What are your must-have 3rd party apps?

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The world is steadilly going smartphone crazy, and along with that comes the apps craze. You have probably heard the phrase, “There’s an app for that”. It is used to refer to the fact that if your smartphone lacks a functionality that you need, you can resort to a 3rd party app. If a built-in functionality does not perform as good as the manufacturer says it should, you can resort to a 3rd party app. Also, if you need a specialised application, then 3rd party apps is where you look too.

As such, people who have been given a short end of the stick by a mobile manufacturer, people who cannot afford a more expensive model that comes with all their required features built-in, and people with specilaised needs, all find that 3rd party apps are a God-send.


Personally, I have observed over the years that there are really no 3rd party apps that I must have, regardless of the smartphone platform. The reason is simple: there are only two services that I really need on a mobile – web and email (and along with those, good text entry).

Because my real needs are few, when mobile shopping, I simply opt for a device that meets those few core needs excellently and purchase that. Problem solved. Once I have email, web and a good keyboard (preferably but not compulsorily hardware), I really don’t care much about anything else.

If there’s a music player, usually I use it as it is when I need music, and if its not there I just don’t bother. Same goes for features such as camera, social networking, instant messaging, etc. Because I do reviews, I find myself installing several apps and trying them out for the first few weeks of possessing a device. Thereafter, I almost never use them again.

I tell people that what I really need is essentially an internet tablet, not a smartphone per se. When people ask me for a list of apps that I must have on my phone, it is usually hard to come up with any.

Fortunately, the world does not revolve around me (actually, many people would consider me boring) and my needs are not representative of the rest of the planet. As such, there are many more people who want more on their devices. GoogleTalk, Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, music and other services are important to them.

This set of people have a ready list of must-have apps for their devices. Are you a boring, straightjacketed nerd like me, or do you belong to the hip mass of humanity whose lives are full of flashy colours and schedules?

If you belong to the later, tell us about your must-have apps. And just in case you are more like me, have your say-so too. Perhaps we can meet up and have a drink over a pizza sometime.


  1. it include smartsettings, gmobileXT, skyfire, joikuspot, mobiola webcam, msdict viewer, mobireader, mobile quran, hadithazan, green charging, total recall, n kms

  2. opera mini, uc browser, bolt, nimbuzz, emoze, olive tree bible reader and recently mobinigeria.

  3. on my sonyerricson x1 they are nimbuzz, garmin mobile XT, midomi,lookout mobile security, microsoft my phone, iris browser, opera mini 10, bible reader, concise english, rss hub, skyfire and remote desktop mobile (which i’ve been battling with for months now on getting it connected to my lappy)

  4. I basically use my phone more than my PC.
    Therefore, I tend to be very interested in applications for my phone. I.T is my vocation & avocation. My interest. My hobby.

    I am an apostle of fiscal responsibility. You may say i watch my Kobos closely. My personal finance app of choice is Best Expense. It is my most important app, Wbecause I use it to record my expenses everyday, as they occur.

    Next, LCG XPlorer. It is better than the file explorer shipped with Windows PC.

    I think better with a pen + paper (stylus+screen) in my hand. Since I am always with my phone (and not always with pen and paper), I cherish an app called Sticky Notes which functions like the popular Post-It Note.It is essential to me.

    To compose / read dox, I use MobiSystems Office Suite. It is debateable, but I think it outperforms QuickOffice – by miles..

    I love reading generally. My ebook reader is ZYReader. While for PDF, I use Pdf+
    Opera Browser, UcWeb and Bolt address my browsing needs.

    I use TotalRecall to record phone conversations, Swiss Manager Pro to manage my phone Memory, JBAK TaskManager and SPB Mobile Shell as my phone shell.

    Kylom Projekt is the best piece of phone software I have seen. It is an outliner. I use it daily.

    Dasur SlideIt makes text entry a breeze on my Nokia 5800. Can not do without this piece of great software
    Magic message Manager is truly magical. It allows you to automaticaly keep / file your text messages in a methodical manner, depending on the rules I specify.

    PocketLock is a simple app that user the proximux sensor to lock/unlock my phone. The idea is You put your phone in your pocket, it locks automatically. Put it face down on a table, it locks. Nifty! XpressAlarm also uses the sensor to sound an alarm if the sensor gets uncovered after it was covered. Just try and steal the phone from my pocket or handbag and get caught.

    Calc4M is a programmable multifunctional calculator that also resident permit on my phone. It is awesome.

    Nimbuzz takes case of my Social Networking. Instant messages on my screen. Live. Emoze is saddled with the responsibility of pushing my emails as the come in.
    Being interested in the fine nuances of the English language, MobiSystems Suite of dictionaries have a permanent place on my phone. Thesaurus, medical, multilanguage all supported.

    Can not imagine myself doing with-OUT any of these essential apps…

  5. Nice one Yom. I use an iphone as my major Smartphone device.

    I use my smartphone as much as my computer, so third party applications are a must for me! And the following apps, I’ve found worthy to mention here.

    1. Opera mini. Very good in browser. And the speed is insurmountable.
    2. Flash Drive. For transferring files from my PC to my iphone via Wi-Fi quite quickly. Quite fast speed. You could also use it with the USB data cord!
    3. Goodreader. This is good for reading very heavy PDF files (even 200 megabytes pdf files and above), Microsoft word HTML files pics etc. very intuitive interface. You could also use it to transfer files!
    4. Epocrates; This is a medical application. Includes drugs, diagnosis, pharmacology, Disease differentials, new research in medicine on diseases, progression etc.
    5. Time Mobile. Very good for news from the Time website.
    6. Doodle Buddy, my first ABC, Learning PAD, Scribble lite ETC. These are all Applications for my 2 year old kids. Drawing and colouring, writing abc, 123, Animals, animal sounds and all! My kid loves all these apps and fights for possession of my phone!
    7. Kindle app. An ibook application.
    8. Wi-Fi. With this app, I can control my computer with my iphone using Wi-FI. The iphone acts like a wireless mouse or mouse trackpad.
    9. Itrain. For exercise and losing weight.
    10. Remote. It is just like Wi-FI. Here I can control my itunes library, itunes media player, music files remotely. That is from a distance from my laptop.
    11. Olivetree Bible apps. AS the name suggests, A BIBLE.
    12. A dictionary and thesaurus.
    13. Facebook app,
    14. TweeterDeck. A twitter apps.
    15. Colour blind test apps, Alarm clock, E! Online,
    16. 3D Brain, Anatomy apps, Evernote, homework, excuse generator, ivatar app,
    17. lots of games, and ofcourse lots of medical textbook and comic book apps.
    Need I mention more? My 8GByte Iphone contains more than 1.4 Gigabyte of applications!

  6. With so many apps being developed everyday, no one can claim to be king. Apps come and go as I discover more functional ones. Basically, though, the longest serving apps are Opera, Traveler (get for getting exchange rates and flight schedules)and mobi tv (for France 24 and Aljazeera; very handy e.g. during the media frenzy following Yaradua’s death. Got up to date news at very odd hours)and Umobile (UBA mobile banking application)

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