Poll Results: What Cloud Storage Service Do You Use On Your Mobile?

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The results of our recent poll on mobile Cloud storage are out.

Cloud Storage on Mobile

The usage of the 20 participants is broken as follows:

  • No usage of Cloud storage – 10 (50%)
  • Dropbox – 9 (45%)
  • iCloud – 1 (5%)

Your comments please.


  1. Looking at the result above, one would clearly see that the cloud storage idea has not really taken hold in this part of the world. That’t a pity. I feel cloud storage is the next thing to salvation of our souls. Don’t crucify me for saying this. If you have ever lost your phone along with your laptop where your things are backed up in, you will get the picture. I recently lost everything to thieves. But for cloud storage my contacts, documents, notes, calender items, etc would have been lost.

  2. One cloud system very important but not mentioned in the survey is the google cloud. If you have a gmail account and you use an android phone, and if you enable synchronization, you can be sure all your contacts and calendar items are safe. They can even be transferred to other non android phones using Exchange ActiveSync or Microsoft Exchange Sync.

    Still with google, google doc is another way of saving document, pictures, etc. all you need is a gmail account and a phone that can have google doc installed. The sweet part – its all free with control from just one account.

  3. @deoladoctor>> I recently lost everything to thieves.

    Sorry to hear that! Hmm.

    Sure; backup is like INSURANCE..

    You do NOT need it UNTIL you really DO NEED it-and by then, it is USUALLY too late

  4. Rightly put @deoladoctor! In the past 2 years, I haven’t save contact on SIM as my Gmail account enables me to sync contacts across multiple platforms.
    Sorry to hear about your loss…

  5. I rarely move my laptop and I also have external HDD for backing important files up and so the fear of possible loss of phone or laptop isn’t so much of a worry.

    But my contacts and some other light documents are always handy on both the formal and informal clouds.

  6. with high cost of data plans n poor network i prefer to backup my files on a laptop or external memory ie memory card or external hard drive

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