What does Christmas look like on your phone?

Christmas is in the air, and in that spirit, I can imagine that different people are pimping up their phones for the season. If your phone supports themes, it is time to download and set up a Christmassy theme. If themes are not supported on your phone, how about a wallpaper to reflect the season? You will be amazed at how much difference a simple wallpaper can make. You can put in place a ringtone that reflects the season as well.

Here is what Christmas looks like on my BlackBerry Z30:


Here is the wallpaper without rows of icons covering it:


In addition, I have “Jingle Bells” set up as my ringtone.

So, what does Christmas look like on your phone? Have you set up a theme, a wallpaper and/or a ringtone?

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  • Dec 18, 2013 at 11:41 pm

    My phone does not celebrate Christmas for fear of being replaced. I have warned it!

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