I do not play football. At least not since secondary school when my friends let me play in the defence. I suspect that it was

What Does Football Have In Common With Mobile?

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I do not play football. At least not since secondary school when my friends let me play in the defence. I suspect that it was more out of pity. Or they just liked me. I was good at ballooning the ball though. They must have enjoyed the spectacle too. I probably played more like a clown than like a footballer.

Anyway, history class is over. Believe it or not, there is a very strong common denominator between football and mobile. The similarities are shocking. Mobile is my world, and I know it like the back of my hand. While I do not quite follow football, it is really hard to escape it. On match days, my Timeline is full of fans throwing jabs at one another. I make a deliberate effort not to follow the conversations, but then a few snippets slip through the cracks anyway. The passion with which fans of the various football clubs go about supporting their clubs is something else.

Well, it is the same here in mobile. Hard-core Apple fans. Unrepentant BlackBerry fans. Team Android die-hards. Nokia fanboys. Fans and fanboys. That’s what football has in common with mobile.

How else do you explain that someone passes a favourable comment about say a Nokia phone, and another responds to ask him if he works for Nokia? How else do you explain that people are unable to grasp that your having something to say about one smartphone platform does not mean that you must hate the others? How else do you explain that people often cannot stand any criticism of their favourite mobile brand, even when those criticisms are valid?

Yes; that’s the sort of scenario that is played before me when football fans go all out dissing one another and their respective clubs of allegiance. The exact same goes on here in the mobile technology neck of the woods. We just switch the football clubs with the mobile brands, and then have a go at one another again and again. It can be fun, and it often is. Sometimes, it is taken to such extremes that it is just plain silly. But then what would humanity be if we lost our ability to be silly?


  1. But then what would humanity be if we lost our ability to be silly?

    Now, that is an original one, if ever there was one!

    Just human nature!

    Like I once said, OBJECTIVITY itself is SUBJECTIVE.

    Who determines what is OBJECTIVE? Another SUBJECTIVE human whose opinion may / may not be worth breaking a sweat on…

  2. Very much on point.

    And talking about objectivity, it is also observable that those who run football and are supposed to be neutral in football matches are unfortunately just as biased as the football fans themselves, and since they know that criticism of their action, will not be very good for their reputation, they simply make it a rule that criticism of their actions is sacrilege for the people involved with the game and punishable. Bans and heavy fines are the punishment used to scare anyone aggrieved with the decision they take through referees or directly.

    We have seen games practically awarded to some teams on consistent bases and you just have to shut up and like it. Well, that is also very well represented in mobiles too. People who think that except they say so, it is not just true. In fact they are supposed to know it all and if you know it differently, you just are wrong and should not be airing your views.

    Who really determines what ought to be objective? A funny world indeed!

  3. When I read the first few lines of this article, I was like, who read my mind and wrote this? The relegation to the defence position, (probably out of pity), the spectacle I made of the game and. . . they all just apply to me. Just the other day, I was discussing mobiles with my fellow mobile fan, (we’re team android *with symbian as our side chick*, by the way) and then I asked him, why are we discussing mobiles as though it was football?
    I support your statement that mobile has many things in common with football.
    New product releases/launch just like buying of new players. Who’s shipping more= who’s at the top of the table.
    Last year, xyz sold the most products= that club won the premier league or whatever.
    Whose share has the highest value= whose club pays the players more, and so on.

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