Discussion: What feature do you love most on your smartphone?

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There are many reasons that can compel one to buy a device today. Probably the name of the manufacturer, or the design and color. Someone could be convinced by the camera quality, or by the fact that colleagues/friends are using the same device. A feature can make one buy into a device. Today, we discuss on the features you like most about your smartphone.

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Sometimes after buying a device blindly, one can be really discouraged, while another person could get lucky or satisfied with what he/she has purchased. Talking about features, some of us enjoy what we get from our devices. To achieve this level of satisfaction, some have to combine two, three, or even more gadgets.

The feature I love most

Two gadgets basically meet my needs. The Bluboo Maya Max serves as my primary device, and what I enjoy most is its battery life. The 4000 mAh last through a day of active use. As it stands, I can’t use any device with less. Having to charge a phone twice or more times a day is stress I’m not ready for. I also have a BlackBerry Q5 that serves as a WiFi – hotspot. I found it more stable in locking down network and in browsing speed too.

What feature do you enjoy most on your device? How many devices do you have to combine? Lets know your thoughts.


  1. I use Gionee M6 and here are the features i like :

    1) Battery : Can go a full day of HEAVY usage without a re-charge. If you’re not an heavy user , you’ld get 2 days.

    2) Works fine with my smile 4G ; although this is a battery drainer.

    3) Fingerprint scanner : I like the position of the fingerprint scanner (as the home button). Makes it easier to unlock and gives you more comfortability when unlocking with other finger.

    4) Camera : Although i’m not a picture junkie , I’ld say that Gionee M6 has the best camera on a 120k smartphone. Phantom 6 Plus & Zero 4 plus don’t come close.

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