Motorola: What Google could not do, Lenovo has done

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Ages ago, before the modern smartphone age, Motorola demonstrated the first hand-held portable telephone in 1973. It later grew to become the world’s largest mobile phone manufacturer before being overtaken by Nokia in 1998. Then, it hit hard times and gradually got smaller and smaller. Of course, the company began to make losses. In 2012, Google purchased it and ran it as a subsdiary for some years, but even they were unable to turn its fortunes around. Then from the far east came a legend. The legend of Lenovo. A mighty red giant that crossed the Great wall of China all the way to the Wild West to acquire the old soldier in 2014.


And it was Lenovo that saved the day, for as at 3rd quarter 2015, Lenovo had turned the fortunes of Motorola with the business breaking even. Even better, Lenovo itself has returned a profit. Pure legend. You cant make this stuff up.

Like all the major manufacturers of the Age Of Symbian (AOS), Motorola made Symbian OS smartphones too, including the A1000, A920, A925, RIZR Z8, and RIZR Z10. In 2005, Motorola also acquired British smartphone manufacturer, Sendo (who also made Symbian OS phones).

Motorola is an old favourite of mine. I owned a few models back then, and it feels good to hear that the brand is doing well again. Of course, as you must have already heard, the “Motorola” brand itself is about to become just “Moto” under Lenovo. Such is life. Things change and we move on.

Almost all the old dogs are either gone – Siemens and Palm; acquired/rebranded – Nokia (now Microsoft, though we all await a Nokia rebirth of some sort), Ericsson (now Sony), Alcatel (acquired but still operating with the brand name), and Sagem (now Infinix); or struggling – BlackBerry and HTC. For now, we celebrate Lenovo and Motorola. All hail!


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