What happened to the hopes of lower call tariffs?

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A subscriber submitted the following message earlier today, and we thought we’d throw it up for discussion:

Following a substantial reduction in the interconnect rates early this year, there was a raised hope of an inevitable gsm calls tariff’s reduction. However, events of the last 3-months has clearly shown that all expectations about tariff reduction were misplaced. What then is the purpose of interconnect rate reduction if subscribers cannot have call rate reduction? Why has NCC been silent on this issue? Subscribers are groaning under the prevailing high call rates. Subscribers must be protected against the exploitative tendencies of the GSM operators.

So, guys, what happened to the hopes of lower call tariffs?


  1. The Tariff been charged by telecom operators is really not tied to the interconnection rates. For one had it been the intra network rates would have been lower than it’s currently placed at

  2. Telecom operators in Nig are capitalist and there’s a limit to how the regulatory body (NCC) can push. Not surprise at the rate at which people try to bypass those network operators in internet services due to high tarrifs.
    With time the rate of competition and other alternatives springing up by the day will force a cut in their call tarrifs. Lets wait and see.

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