What has Twitter done to their Android app?

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Twitter Android Activity

Twitter released an update to its Android app that added the ability to share images via DM. However, the update also included what I consider the worst mumbo-jumbo that Twitter ever pulled with the user interface. Taking a look at the Twitter for Android app, all the confusion that Twitter has introduced into the UI comes from the top bar.

What is this mess? What exactly was wrong with the older, easy-to-use arrangement? Where has the “Connect” column gone? Without that column, I have been unable to see my mentions, retweets, and new followings. It looks like the guys ar Twitter are more interested in me monitoring what my contacts do than actually interacting with them. I say that because it seems that the new “Activity” column (which lets you follow what your contacts are doing) is what has replaced the “Connect” column.

Pure bollocks. I prefer the older UI where the world was much simpler:

Twitter BlackBerry

Much better. I realise Twitter’s need to give the DM feature greater visibility by removing it from where it was hidden away and putting it right in front of us, but… they need to find a way to make it look good. This new top bar layout just looks confusing.

The question now is, When is Twitter reversing this nonsense and give us back the simplicity that we used to love?

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