What Have Mobile Devices become?

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Many people really do believe that I am crazy. They may be right. Afterall, how many people do you know who administer webhosting accounts on their mobile devices? Or upload files (including FTP) on their mobile phones? Or place orders online on their phones? Or run their blogs on their phones? Or run their office on their phones?

Some of my trusty mobile offices over the years
Some of my trusty mobile offices over the years. Clockwise from left - Nokia E61, Nokia 9500, Nokia E61i, Sony Ericsson P990i

Yes; I have done (and still do) all the above – to varying degrees. As far back as 2004, I have been at it, pushing the use of mobile devices to their boundaries. You could say that I live on the mobile cutting edge. Living on that cutting edge was how I grew my business over the years.

But what has inspired this article is not the daring story of DomainStandard, but the equally inspiring story of a Sri Lankan young man who has been writing articles, managing WordPress, answering email and so on on just mobile phones. No PC at all. What then have mobile devices become?

Read the article at Me, My Phone and My Blog – A Tale of a Wireless Blogger.

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  1. The Mobile device has come a long way and there are mobile phone manufacturers who are bold enough to call some of their mobile devices COMPUTERS.

    I read an article some time last month that refers to Nokia as the largest computer maker in the world today, and all they have made are phones. This is to show how far the mobile phone has come and it is still evolving.

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