Apple have announced 200 new features to be included in iOS 5. A look at some of the key the features makes it appear like

What iOS 5 brings to the Table

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Apple have announced 200 new features to be included in iOS 5.

A look at some of the key the features makes it appear like Apple has copied features from competing platforms and services and integrated them nicely into the iOS 5 update. Think of features from BlackBerry, DropBox, Android, and a host of others rolled up into one.

Briefly, here are a few key features:

  • PC-independence – Hallelujah! iOS is free of it’s mandatory dependence on a PC, especially for device activation
  • Incremental OTA updates – During updates, the entire OS is not downloaded but just the needed bits, and entirely independent of a PC
  • Notification Center – A ripoff of Android’s dedicated screen that you open by pulling from the top of the screen downwards to view and manage notifications in one place without interruption.
  • Newsstand is a new place to house all your magazine and newspaper subscriptions.
  • Twitter integration – With a single sign-in allowing a multitude of apps to make use of your Twitter credentials. covers. You can now Tweet from Contacts, Safari, Photos, Camera, YouTube and Maps and your contacts are automatically synced with their Twitter accounts
  • Reminders – This is, yes; reminders but intelligent enough to remind you to do things based on your location.
  • A new split keyboard
  • iMessage – the iOS version of BlackBerry Messenger. It lets you send text messages, photos and videos between (and exclusive to) all iOS devices
  • iCloud – Not exclusive to iOS. Syncs your content (Contacts, Calendar, Mail, App Store, iBooks, backup, Documents, Photos and iTunes) synchronized across your devices

There is little on the list that is a novelty. As usual, it is Apple playing catchup, but probably implementing those features better. Apple labels some of the above as “innovative”, but there is nothing innovative about adding features that have existed for years on other platforms.

Still, iOS just got better with the addition of these features. Users can expect the iOS 5 update to be available from September. Don’t forget that iOS 5 will be compatible only with iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4, iPad 1 and 2, and iPod touch 3rd and 4th generation.


  1. Obviously Steve Jobs imbibed the Bill Gates principle of ‘ embrace and extend’ profoundly. – those years back!

    The way to surpass you’re commodities is steal their ideas and improve on them.

    Go, Apple!

  2. Talking about updates, just a few months ago I had a heated argument with an apple fan. It was difficult convincing him that incremental updates are far better than replacing the whole OS. To him, the apple way was the best. Now that the Californian gods have changed ways, I wonder what the guy would say.

    On the issue of icloud, I think it’s a fantastic thing. Makes dependence on PC irrelevant. However, I cannot see myself buying from iTunes then relying on our Nigerian bad networks and paying for streaming each time I want to listen to the music. Documents in the cloud is great. You keep them up there and retreive as needed anywhere anytime. However, I still prefer the google cloud which makes it easy to retrieve on any PC or device that has Internet facility.

    All in all iOS 5 is by far more superior to anything apple has ever thrown at us and it is worthy of our commendation

  3. Looks like Apple has finally heard what consumers have been clamoring for.

    PC dependency, incremental updates and Notifications.

    I really love the Newsstand.

    And I am curious to have hands on experience with the Twitter integration, iMessage and iCloud.
    But the iCloud in Nigeria might be a bit stressful on data bundles.

    The main thing I like about the Apple is the ecosystem; Movies, Music, Books,TV shows, Appstore, Podcast etc
    I have really been enjoying my Apple TV with US iTunes Gift card and I cant wait to get an iPad2 (I have even downloaded apps for the iPad2 already).

    I remain nobody’s fanboy, but this Ecosystem is so convenient and its getting better with Apple allowing things already available on other platforms and calling them revolutionary (I guess its the application they are referring to)

    On a lighter note, no news on iPhone5

  4. I got to give to Steve Jobs for making already existent things sound new and exciting. The icloud thing which allows to maintain your songs across various iOS devices is great, the iMessages is definitely a good start to knocking out RIM something Nokia should have done already, with all the devices the ship, they would have been the biggest by now. Apple has never really been innovative in the time past, they just take vague things out and making orgasmic for the iSheep.
    In the words of the great and ironic Steve Jobs ”good artist copy, while great artist steal”. They have just the thunder from RIM, Google and Nokia… In announcing the iMessages, iCloud & Notifications bar, OTA. I do hope the Microsoft and Nokia has a trick up in it’s sleeve, an update of WP7 maybe 7.2 is needed asap to steal back the thunder and hopefully mindshare and marketshare from Apple

  5. YOMI’S indept analytical presentation of news such as this,further entrench why we stick around.i read this same story on a foreign site-i ended up more entropic

  6. EyeBeeKay,

    Actually, Mr. Job’s philosophy is more of ‘Deny, Rubbish, Embrace, and Extend’. Virtually everything that has been implemented on iOS since the original device were features that were first denied as important or needed, and rubbished by Jobs and Apple.

    The problem is, the philosophy works!

  7. The funny part is that apple hates being copied and will not hesitate to sue any company that dares copying them, now they’re copying others. I wonder the kind of example they’re setting.

  8. Yes Apple is not the first at implementing these but one thing we cannot deny Jobs and his team is the tight integration, the consumer experience and the ecosystem they have designed. The experience is seamless and functional for the everyday user. As a geek, I really don’t think I’m an Apple fan boy but what they’ve got going works for me and fulfills my needs. 🙂

  9. A nice write-up. No one could have put this 3 hours long conference so succinctly. Kudos.

    Just a few point I should make though. No one could forthrightly claim that Apple is the first in many of the features that wAs announced on June 6th. In the same vein Apple did not do outright copying. It just added some new features in its OS which were probably well implemented. It added some new and compelling features that was missing from it’s gadgets and ecosystem all along. In addition, most of the “copying” were not from “competing” platforms. You can hardly regard dropbox as a competing platform to iOS. Dropbox has been a third party app for quite sometime in iOS.

    That said; I believe that iOS 5 is a dramatic improvement over iOS 4. The stoppage of over-reliance on iTunes is a welcomed addition. The iCloud feature also blew my mind away. But I need to correct that the feature does not include streaming of music but syncing along with duplicating (mirroring) your music/apps/documents contents in the cloud. The iCloud service is free. However the music Matching service for one year will cost $25 a year; which is a good bargain if you ask me.

    I also loved the improvement in safari; (Reader), split screen keypad, newstand and the other mentioned features.

    I think those new stuff are monumental Increase to iOS. But more still needs to be done!

    I’d love to see Bluetooth transfer protocol implemented by Apple in iOS. Syncing documents should be given as much priority as music files. Afterall, it’s a “Smart”/business phone.

    Finally, Apple needs to get its own map system just like Ovi maps and should stop relying on Google Maps. Compared to Ovi Maps, google maps is only mediocre!

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