I observed that the trend of attempting to label a device an “iPhone killer” is still very much alive. I ran into an article titled,

What is an iPhone killer needed for?

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iPhone 4S

I observed that the trend of attempting to label a device an “iPhone killer” is still very much alive. I ran into an article titled, “Is the Samsung Galaxy S3 an iPhone Killer?” It was so amusing that I tweeted that it has been years now and nothing has come close to killing the poor iPhone. One of our regulars here picked it where I left off and responded with the following profound tweet:

Why does it have to be either or? Can’t both phones be extremely succesful without one having to kill the other? — Muyiwa Iyowu

Simply brilliant. And this also underscores something else that I keep saying: that you like one OS doesn’t mean you must dislike or hate the other. Why does it have to be this or that?

I suspect that the people behind the iPhone killer buzz do it for hype and traffic. An iPhone killer is totally unnecessary. The iPhone is not my kind of device, but I want it to keep doing well, alongside others equally doing well.

We consumers stand to benefit from an ecosystem of strong brands, platforms and devices. There is no question about it that both the iPhone 4S and Samsung Galaxy S III are successful products, and neither of them is killing off the other.

PS: I handled the Galaxy S III briefly today, and found it to have very solid build quality. It doesn’t feel plasticity. Interface-wise, it looks and feels very much like what obtains on the Galaxy S II. No surprise there, afterall it’s the same TouchWiz UI that both run.

I have no idea when I will get one for review though, but let’s keep our fingers crossed.

  1. Thank you sir for this. I am always vexed by this trend of asking if the next device to drop will be the iPhone, iPod or iPad killer especially on well established tech blogs.

    Competition of any form still and always favours the consumer in the end and while some will not agree with this, the world of Android would cease to exist if Apple hadn’t created this ecosystem of iOS devices that tech bloggers supposedly want to see ‘killed’

    I’m definitely not an iPhone fan boy but I sure wouldn’t want to see it go the way of Symbian or Palm os. That way I know Android won’t on its oars.

    My 2 kobos

  2. yes… Nice one Mr. Mo….as far as am concerned… The varieties in the OS of mobile platforms is good for us the end users… Someone like me is inlove with the symbian/belle platform…but I also like the blackberry platform.. Atleast for a few things.. So I’ll say its not a bad idea to have the ‘ the best of every world’ so to speak…. Compare it to telecoms networks we have in Nigeria… Each of em have their weaknesses and strong points… Thats what competition is all about… The end consumer like me and u becomes the winner in all this….thats the bigger picture.

  3. Wow! My tweet is featured on mobility blog!.
    I think having several platforms is good and enhances healthy competiton which in turn leads to rapid development of new features, and ultimately, more value for the end users.

  4. I sincerely agree, most of those stuffs are just to pull traffic.

    I stopped by at Park&shop VI today and I was able to hold and touch the GSIII and to my great amusement the device doesn’t feel big at all in my hands. In fact its as if the phone is made for my hands.hmmmmm

    Who needs an iPhone killer, all I need is a Smartphone that completes me.

  5. Who needs an iPhone killer in 2012? The phrase is quite obsolete. There are so many phones out there matching and possibly exceeding the performances of iPhone. Also in terms of sales, quite a handful of other brands are doing better. So why should one be looking for a particular phone to call an iPhone killer? It just doesn’t make sense to me.

    By the way, my iPhone 4 (16gb running iOS 5) is very dead. Killed off when I got my Samsung Galaxy Note. It’s been lying in my drawer unused for over a month now. Anybody interested in picking it up should give me an offer. It is not jail broken but uses a gevey sim unlock.

  6. The phrase “iPhone killer” is meant to be hype and generate attention. It’s worked in some quarters.

    In reality, this only exists in the minds of the people who use the phrase – for the rest of us, we use what works for us and what we can afford. Many of of us who buy phones don’t buy them to pose or as a status symbol but because we like them and they serve a functional purpose.

  7. @afewgoodmen, that is strange. An apple fan leaving his iphone to lie idle for a month! Lol. Really, he space is big enough for both the iPhone and it’s rivals. They are all selling in millions except for WP.
    There is just no need for that phrase anymore.

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