What is Android app support on BlackBerry Passport like?

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Apps on BB 10-3

I should have titled this post “BlackBerry 10.3 and Android app support”, but it seemed a bit catchier to mention the Passport. Anyway, the Passport runs BB 10.3 out of the box. It is one of two phones that does so for now (the other is the Porsche Design P’9983), so….

One of the outstanding features of BlackBerry 10.3 is that it has much improved support for Android apps and also has the Amazon Appstore pre-installed to give users easy access to hundreds of thousands of those apps. This should be a game-changer. It is for me.

I don’t use tons of apps, but I am delighted that I have been able to get my hands on a few key Android apps, namely WordPress and Shazam, for use on my Passport from the Amazon Appstore.

Amazon Appstore Order Passport

In addition to the above apps from Amazon Appstore, I also have Uber’s Android app running fine on the Passport. So, installing from the wild works fine too. One app I would love to have running on my Passport now is SOLO View, and I shall, as soon as I get my hands on the APK file.

And they work fine. Smooth. Full functionality just like they do on an Android smartphone. The apps even adjust well to the Passport’s square display without any issues. The Android app support seems to have been well implemented. Like I said, it looks like a game changer for BB10. Now, BlackBerry lovers can enjoy the best of both worlds – their crack and tons of Android apps.

Now, whether this will translate to tons of sales of BB10 smartphones remains to be seen. BB 10.3 update will be officially arriving the other Blackberry 10 models soon. But however it goes, it is a great feature to have on a powerful work tool like the Passport.

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  1. maybe it’s just me but I have not noticed any app problem with other bb10. they seem to be working fine on the few I have pressed and installed apps on. maybe I can’t really say cos I don’t own or use any

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