Every day, year after year, I read and hear people insult MTN over their services. It is almost a never-ending stream of insults and complaints.

What is MTN Nigeria’s magic?

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MTN Nigeria

Every day, year after year, I read and hear people insult MTN over their services. It is almost a never-ending stream of insults and complaints. Yet, the statistics paint a different picture. For voice, MTN is the leading network by far and has twice the subscribers of the network in second place. Twice. For mobile data, it is even worse: MTN is also the boss there and has over twice the numbers that its nearest competitor has. See our Quick Facts page for subscriber statistics.

So, indeed, everywhere you go and everywhere you turn, you see MTN’s dominance. It has been argued that this dominance is because MTN has the widest coverage in the country. While that may be true, I do not believe that the difference in coverage is so huge to warrant those figures. As a mater of fact, during some of my travelling around the country, there have been places where I couldn’t get an MTN signal but got from another network.

So, I am not convinced that coverage is all there is to MTN’s dominance in Nigeria. For all the bile that the Y’hello network gets, there must be something/s that they are doing right. In my opinion – and that of others – the bile is relative. A huge subscriber base means more visible complaints, but as Sanusi put it, if one checks complaints versus subscriber size, one will be surprised.

Numbers don’t lie, and the numbers say that a huge chunk of Nigerians still prefer to depend on MTN for both voice and data.


  1. Mtn having the largest amount of complaints only buttresses their dominance. Having used Airtel and glo at one point or the other, I find am better off with MTN’s issues than those of the others. With Mtn my only concern was dropped calls but with the others it ranged from limited coverage, disappearance of airtime, loss of data coverage for a day when it rained and bonuses you can’t use.

  2. I also think MTN is better at what matter to me… Data services and billing accuracy …

    I will continue with them, as there is simply no other that serves me this well.

  3. I see MTN as a necessary evil,certainly my least favourite network,because of their ubiquity I can’t do without them,but can’t still shake the notion they’re out to fleece Nigerians,a legacy of their early year’s antics,prefer glo and Airtel for voice and data services..

  4. basically MTN’s reaping the benefits of their early expansion drive, basically a lotta people use MTN because they got on the MTN network when there were no alternatives (ECONET only had coverage in the South West, the FCT and PH). i have an MTN sim for the same reason, but I don’t really use it that much

  5. Let’s not forget their convincing adverts, numerous service centres and of recent their inbuilt micro sim available in all sim packs. Take it or leave it, mtn is always a step ahead. Although I prefer Etisalat when it comes to voice calls and data.

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