What Is Samsung Galaxy AI?

Samsung Galaxy AI is a new innovation in artificial intelligence technology that aims to enhance the mobile experience of Galaxy users. According to Samsung, Galaxy AI is powered by both on-device AI developed by Samsung and cloud-based AI enabled by collaborations Google Cloud.

Samsung Galaxy AI is a generative AI service. Generative AI is a type of artificial intelligence that can learn from and mimic large amounts of data to create content such as text, images, music, videos, code, and more, based on inputs or prompts. Generative AI uses various techniques, such as generative models, foundation models, and transformers, to generate realistic and novel artifacts that reflect the characteristics of the training data but do not repeat it.

Generative AI has many applications across different industries, such as art, writing, software development, product design, healthcare, finance, gaming, marketing, and fashion. However, generative AI also poses some ethical and social challenges, such as the potential misuse of the technology for cybercrime, fake news, or deepfakes. But we are not looking at those issues today.

Samsung Galaxy AI uses Google Cloud

What can you do with Samsung Galaxy AI?

Samsung Galaxy AI is a new innovation that brings artificial intelligence to your phone. With Galaxy AI, you can do many things, such as:

  • Generate texts in Samsung Keyboard based on your input or context.
  • Live Translate: Users can break down language barriers over the phone or texting with real-time audio and text translations. Translate languages in real-time during phone calls or texts.
  • Get tone suggestions to improve your writing style in Chat Assist.
  • Get AI-generated summaries of your notes in Note Assist.
  • Edit your photos and videos with AI tools like Super HDR and Generative Edit. With Super HDR, users can see what their photos and videos will look like with enhanced colors and details before taking them. Generative Edit lets users resize and retouch their photos with AI editing capabilities.
  • Circle items on the screen with S Pen or finger and get Google Search results in Circle to Search.
  • Note Assist: Users can get AI-generated summaries of their notes.

Devices with Samsung Galaxy AI

Galaxy AI is available on the Galaxy S24 series, namely, Samsung S24, Samsung S24+, and Samsung S24 Ultra. These three premium flagship smartphones were officially announced and released in January 2024.

Because Galaxy AI is powered by both on-device AI developed by Samsung and cloud-based AI. Therefore, Galaxy AI requires certain hardware specifications to operate on-device, which limits its compatibility with older or lower-end Samsung phones. However, Samsung has confirmed that Galaxy AI will be backward compatible with some of its flagship phones, such as the Galaxy S23, S22, and Z series, within 2024.

Below is the full list of devices that are expected to receive Galaxy AI.

  • Galaxy S23,
  • Galaxy S23+,
  • Galaxy S23 Ultra,
  • Galaxy S22,
  • Galaxy S22+,
  • Galaxy S22 Ultra,
  • Galaxy Z Fold5,
  • Galaxy Z Flip5,
  • Galaxy Z Fold4,
  • Galaxy Z Flip4,
  • Galaxy Tab S9 series

Samsung has also confirmed that many older devices will get the generative AI service.

How to activate and use Samsung Galaxy AI on the S24 series devices

To activate and use Samsung Galaxy AI on the S24 phones, you need to follow these steps:

  • Go to Settings > Advanced features > Galaxy AI and turn on the toggle.
  • Grant the necessary permissions for Galaxy AI to access your data and apps.
  • Tap on the Galaxy AI button on the Samsung Keyboard to access the AI features, such as Chat Translation, Tone Suggestion, Note Assist, and Generative Edit.
  • Tap on the Camera app and swipe to the Galaxy AI mode to access the AI features, such as Super HDR, Circle to Search, and Live Translate.
  • Enjoy the power of Google AI on your Galaxy S24 phone with Gemini Pro, the most capable AI model that can interact with familiar Samsung apps in more helpful ways than ever before.

Don’t forget: while doing anything on your compatible Samsung smartphone, you can use Galaxy AI aI by tapping the dedicated Galaxy AI button to use any of its features and tools.

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