After a shocking encounter, Saiddigge asks, What is the hype behind Gorilla Glass?


What is the Hype Behind Gorilla Glass?

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From what I have been hearing about Gorilla Glass Screens, I assumed they were supposed to be close to indestructible, I felt the eras of screens cracking from drops and falls are past us. Of course I was wrong, in my case anyway.

I read up about the component and the technology behind it and it was said to be an impact resistant, sheet toughened glass manufactured by U.S. glassmaker Corning Inc. Engineered for a combination of thinness, lightness, and damage-resistance.


Gorilla Glass

I own a Lumia 630 and it uses Gorilla Glass 3 as a screen component, which means I am promised a screen that doesn’t need a screen protector and will do just fine after suffering a fall. It was with surprise that I saw what I saw when the sleek phone slid from my hands yesterday and dropped to the floor.


The cover went this way and battery went that way, all good. All I need is to couple them back and it will work as good as before, or so I thought. Then I picked up my phone and I felt scratches, in denial I was still thinking maybe the phone has stuck to some sand residue on the floor.

I picked up my battery and cover, tried to couple it and alas, screen has cracked in a thousand places. I rubbed it, and rubbed it again, and wiped it with the seam of my shirt to make sure I wasn’t seeing double. My phone screen is truly badly cracked.

SavedPicture 20148123757


I thought this was supposed to be Gorilla Glass 3, the head honcho of touchscreen screens, the screen the high end Samsung Galaxy devices and the iPhones use. To be fair the phone was as naked as it was the day it was made, no screen protector. It was practically begging to break, but still, Gorilla Glass!

To be fair to the Corning product, the phone still works fine and is very much usable with the crack, if you don’t mind seeing a million little cobwebs on your UI. Well, lessons have been well learned, things are usually not as good as the maker will claim they are.

From this moment on I plan to use a case and screen protector at all times, the nonsense about cases covering the beauty of the phone will only work if there is something to left worth covering.


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By the way, does anyone know how much it will cost to fix this in a Nokia shop, or how is it compared to taking for repairs with a cheaper third party?

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  2. Sorry to hear about that mishap.

    Yes, Gorilla Glass (GG) would be scratch resistant, bit it appears that is where it all ends.

    Yes, GG is surely scratch resistant, but it is definitely not “crack-o-phobic” than your run of the mill phone screen.

    There have been too many cases of phones imbued with GG getting a cracked screen after a relatively short dive of like 3 feet.

    My Sony Ericsson Xperia Pro once fell from a height of over six feet onto a concrete fall without a scratch and without shattering! And it does not even come with a Gorilla Glass.!

    I suppose the Corning People need to be less “cunning” in marketing hype.. and give us truly “crackophobic” glass in their next Corning Gorilla Glass IV..

    {~~~ Poster,

    Talking about dropping phones unto concrete, next time, get a phone that is well beyond your financial reach. that way, you are not likely to let it slip from your hands … because of the financial implication.

    Such a phone is also unlikely to be stolen, except possibly at gunpoint 😉


  3. Talking about dropping phones unto concrete, next time, get a phone that is well beyond your financial reach. that way, you are not likely to let it slip from your hands … because of the financial implication.

    Such a phone is also unlikely to be stolen, except possibly at gunpoint 😉

    EyeBeeKay, you need help! LOOL.

    The only time a phone ever got damaged from falling from my hands was with my Samsung Galaxy S II, which also was equipped with Gorilla Glass. It hit the concrete floor and the display cracked same way as described above. God knows I loved that phone. I loved it so much that I shelled out twenty-something thousand naira to have the display fixed.

    No; Gorilla Glass doesn’t prevent screens from cracking due to impact.

  4. About fixing that cracked screen….you have to spend up to half the cost of the phone to fix the screen…that’s why am afraid of the lumia product! I fix my lumia 520 with #15000

  5. The last time I read an article that got me laughing like this was one concerning stolen Nigerian passport. Mr Mo, Mr Eye_Bee_Kay and Mr Saiddiggie, you all fell that the ‘Cunning- marketing trips. Gorilla or not, no glass is yet everlasting. So as you dey buy the ‘Glass phone’, dey put money aside for ‘Glass repairs’.

  6. Loooool ????????????????… Well my R7 is corning ‘king Kong’ ???? ???? glass… That didn’t even make me to remove the screen guard ????… Well corning gorilla doesn’t mean shatter proof… Even the scratch proof is to an extent

  7. Of course Gorilla Glass would shatter on impact because it wasn’t designed to be scattered proof, it was only designed to scratch proof. And scratch proof in the sense that it could not be scratched by things lower than it on the Mohrs scale such as steel and finger nails but it would be scratched by silica or sand.

    The new sapphire screens would not be shatter proof either because guess what sapphire would break too from impact. I know this because my tissot watch fell on the concrete pavement some months ago and shattered.

    At the end of the day if you have got a phone you love and don’t want it shattering on impact then you need a flip case and one of those bumper cases from otterbox or seidio.

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