What is the problem with Etisalat BIS and WordPress Mobile for BlackBerry?

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I have been using WordPress Mobile for BlackBerry for months on my Etisalat BlackBerry complete plan without issues. Suddenly, a little over a week ago, I began to get error messages. Shortly after that, the WordPress app stopped connecting.

If you are trying to setup a WordPress blog/ account, a connection is not established, and so you cannot. If you already have a WordPress blog setup, the app is unable to establish a connection with it too, and so you cannot manage your blog. It doesn’t matter what type of WordPress blog it is that you are trying to connect to, it doesn’t go through.

I have spoken with other BlackBerry users, and the general verdict that I have is this:

– WordPress Mobile works without issues for MTN BlackBerry subscribers

– WordPress Mobile works without issues for Glo BlackBerry subscribers

– WordPress Mobile does NOT work for Etisalat BlackBerry users right now

The above information suggests that the issue is with Etisalat BlackBerry service.

As a rule, customer care reps are not technically savvy. It can be a nightmare explaining something as simple as this to them. As such, what I have done is contacted Etisalat via Twitter. Hopefully, their Twitter team will include people who have a better grasp of this.

WordPress Mobile is the number one productivity mobile app for me. I run Mobility Blog on it. My BlackBerry is also my number one productivity smartphone. Right now, this logjam between Etisalat’s service and this super app is frustrating for me.

I hope that it gets resolved in hours, not days, so I can get on with cranking out my articles. In the meantime, I am typing this using the blog’s mobile admin interface. It isn’t as elegant and comprehensive as what WordPress Mobile offers, but at the moment I do not have much of a choice.

Etisalat Nigeria, over to you guys.

1.30pm. I just got a call from a tech rep at Etisalat Nigeria. He had setup a WordPress blog and tried out the app – and it worked without issues.

He also tried out Mobility on it. That worked too.

So, we have a scenario in which this issue happens with some people and does not for others. The app version number he has is same as mine – 1.5.1.

They have escalated the issue to RIM as well and are also looking at other possibilities. I have run a tech business before and know that this sort of scenario happens in which just a set of people face a non-generic issue.

This issue isn’t resolved yet, but that is great support from Etisalat. The rep who called me was also quite knowledgeable.

Looking forward to a resolution.

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  1. I feel d pains brother, saw d tweet some minutes ago, I’m sure their twitter team will respond in no time.

  2. I think etisalat has a problem with its blackberry service. Someone told me that she subscribed for the complete plan yesterday but her bb refused to browse. When she contacted customer care, they told her that her model of blackberry isnt supported. Imagine! But the same phone works with other networks’ bis service

  3. It isn’t as elegant and comprehensive as what WordPress Mobile offers, but at the moment I do not have much of a choice.

    thought there were THREE other fishes in the network_river?

    Hope Etisalat rectify this asap, though..

  4. Using etisalat BIS can be a nightmare at times and like Mr MM has said their customer care is not technically savvy and he is putting that in the most polite form. I find them inherently dense with their catch phrase is “please call back in a few hours time” when they become stumped and do not know what else to do. I have been trying to change my BIS complete service from weekly to monthly since December and till now I have not been able to not minding the fact I have gone through all the process as I have been told and have been charged numerous times for migration. Still no dice.

    I was even transferred to speak to their supervisor at one time but I guess they are all from the same crop as my problem still hasn’t been solved. No wonder someone tweet-shouted at them “@etisalat9ja Your papa!” a while back (that cracked me up).

    @efe, it is quite true some blackberry phone aint supported by them: the ones that are GSM/CDMA capable which would be 9650, 9930, 9850 etc (also branded Verizon and Sprint phones).

    Also when you subscribe or unsubscribe to a BIS, you sometimes get notification in Greek abi na Arabic?!!! We aint that bi-lingual etisalat, please try to get your act straight.

  5. thought there were THREE other fishes in the network_river?

    As far as I can tell, Etisalat BIS is the most stable and reliable of the lot. Even this issue cannot make me look elsewhere.

  6. Dear Mister_Mobility, has Etisalat been able to resolve the issue? cos am thinking of migrating to their BIS network next month. i hope i wont have issues sha… Thanks for keeping us informed!!

  7. Update:

    I have downgraded my 9810 to OS7.0, but the WordPress app still not connecting.

    Will do a bit more troubleshooting.

    However, it is safe to say that this is not a general problem to Etisalat BIS subscribers, as I was able to help others get theirs working without any special tweaks.

    It may not even be an Etisalat BIS issue at all. I will be sure to do an update and fresh post whenever I get to the root of this matter.