Browsing the internet has gradually become part of our everyday life. We always look forward to checking the internet for one reason or the other.

What’s your favorite network for data usage and subscription

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Browsing the internet has gradually become part of our everyday life. We always look forward to checking the internet for one reason or the other. While many spend most of their time on social networks chatting away, others use it mainly for work or productivity.

Connecting to the internet in most cases is mostly done via a telecom operator or WiFi like in most advanced countries. But here in Nigeria most of us, if I should guess, say 90% of the the internet users still rely on network operators for browsing the net.

When it comes to choosing a network operator for browsing and subscription, there are three major factors that are important to me.

  • Cost of data subscription

The cost of data subscription in this part of the world is still relatively on the high side. Though we may be getting to the point were we would have more value for our money- Thanks to BIS that has some how been made available on almost every mobile platform, boys are now smiling.

  • The quality of network

The quality of network for browsing and downloading has improved over the past few years but it’s still far from what it should be especially when compared to developed countries.

  • The amount of data

The amount of data being offered by the network operator is also paramount as most people now tend use the internet to get most of their media contents instead of going out to buy.

However, networks operators in the country still fluctuate in reaching the above listed factors. Take for instance, Airtel at a time was offering 2Gb of data for N1,500 before slashing it down to 1.5Gb for the same price, and later taking it down. MTN also offers data at affordable prices, but can hardly be used to browse, at least so it seems in my area.

Long story short, we’re still at a stage where one can’t exactly rely on a single network operator for data. This explains why I have all four SIM’s which include Etisalat, Airtel, MTN and Glo. Glo is my best choice when it comes to subscribing (for cheap BIS) and quality of network in my area. Airtel takes 2nd place for the affordable plans they offer Android folks amidst recent complains of excess chopping of people’s data.

That being said, I’d like to know what your favorite network is when it comes to cost of internet subscription and quality of network.



  1. Etisalat to me offers the best in terms of browsing experience as it relates to speed. But then, like I have always maintained and still do, it’s as though they forget that very long zapping straw in my data balance. I have sworn NEVER to touch them with a very long pole.

    Right now, MTN does it for me as I take advantage of the internet sharing feature on my phone to use on the laptop. Glo comes 3rd, but I dumped them cos of their heavy instability. Glo is good when ‘nothing dey happen.’ As for Airtel, I’d rather not even go there. That network is useless. Simple!

  2. as per GSM operators, Etisalat is my favourite because their speed is respectable.
    MTN is for my blackberry and thats it.
    As per all round internet access and heavy usage mode, Swift 4G is the ultimate. The speed is simply phenomenal and extremely impressive.

  3. Etisalat anytime, any day. For me they offer the cheapest data service as I get 100% bonus data.
    I don’t even think of any other network.

  4. Airtel is the one for me,doing great at both my Northern and southern locations,then followed by Etisalat and glo,MTN no dey try…

  5. MTN is both the most stable and fastest network in my area. Airtel cones in second for cheapness and complete coverage. Glo is very unstable, etisalat doesn’t have 3g here so am not interested.

  6. I think it depends on where you live too. Airtel is cheap and stable with H+ internet here. I’d go for it anytime.

  7. Etisalat, because it’s the fastest. MTN is next at my home, but almost impossible at my school. Airtel…suck data like no one’s business!

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