We all have different needs, and as such based on those needs, there are certain mobile applications that are essential to us. These apps may

What mobile apps are indispensable on your phone?

Mobile Apps

We all have different needs, and as such based on those needs, there are certain mobile applications that are essential to us. These apps may be built-in or 3rd party apps. There is that one thing that you do on your phone everyday. Or a number of things.

Personally, I like listening to music on my phone, so the music player is key to me. I listen to music daily and I prefer listening to music on my handy Nokia 5250 to inserting discs into a multimedia player.

Also, I often write articles on my blogs. This makes me a very good user of the Notes App on my phone. I do more of blog coding on my phone by typing them in my Notepad. Really cool huh? This is why itโ€™s called mobile >>> A device that answers to your primary requests.

So far, it is clear that my most-used and indispensable mobile phone apps are the Music Player and Notepad. I donโ€™t cross 24 hours without using them. But I do need to mention that my phoneโ€™s default browser is another app that I can not runaway from. I still can call it the best app in my own case because my S60 device features a full web browser which supports Flash and HTML 5. What more do I need?

What apps are indispensable to you on your device?


  1. On my BB,the essential apps are Ubersocial, BBM, web browser, UC browser

    On my N8, they are Opera Mini, Music Player, Asphalt6, Gravity

    On my ICS tablet, they are Aldiko ebook reader, Adobe reader, Astro file manager, Frontline Commando, Racing Moto

  2. Opera mini browser, Joiku spot for my wifi needs are my top two. My others like music player, calendar, notepad all come baked into S60v5 on my Nokia C6-00.

  3. Web browser is the primary application that I used daily follow by Quick Bible, Youversion also help a lot. Podcast fro Blackberry also comes handy, I also use JV Ovulation calendar to monitor my wife period to avoid scoring unecessary goal. Mobipocket Reader also help my study life on my BB but Kobo reader is displacing that on Playbook.

  4. @Olayinka I see it as my personal responsibilty to monitor or you will serve into the hand of women who love new baby and expect you to be responsible. Most women don’t even know there application out there talkless of using them. You can prove me wrong by taking sample or rather check the number of women on mobility blog. Doubt if I have read any lady write up here. This is not Ghana weaving or Brazillian hair it is hi tech

  5. benzion72:

    This is
    not Ghana weaving or Brazillian hair it is hi tech

    ๐Ÿ˜€ Come to tink of it, How many ladies out there visit sites like this?

    If it isn’t about fashion, gossip, beauty tips and the likes. You hardly get them having this kind of tech passion.

  6. Indispensable apps on my mobile device will be Adobe Reader, Amazon Kindle and the settings app. Chikena!, all others are complimentary. At least at the moment

  7. mister benzion72 and mister praizjosh…i am a lady and i visit here very regularly.u hear??
    ok.so as long as all my IM applications are running on my BB…everything is fine…i cant read anything on my BB, thats why i got my IPAD..with that, as long as ibooks, twitter, skype and the super sleek safari works,all is well and lest i forget yes! Evernote..my day is made with Evernote.


  8. Omogirl you are one in a million. Prejudice apart ladies don’t have much interest in technology. But I really appreciate your interest in mobile. Hoping to read more of your contribution on Mobility blog.

  9. My indispensable apps are:
    On Nokia N8:- Quick office, Joikuspot music player and transmitter
    On my tablet: Browsers (dolphin, ICS+, opera mobile), Aldiko book reader, Kingston Office, Adobe reader, x-plore file manager and of course email

  10. @benzion72 I am a woman and I love mobility blog. I can’t do without an ebook reader (Anyview and over drive media console) operamini, ucweb for downloads and twitter. Not really into BBM like most girls.

  11. Ladies in the house don’t take my comment personally. It is just an observation. It is interm of number rather presence. Check out this write up on application it is only Kemie and Omogirl that responded and so many guys have responded. I know Nicole will also join the ladies to increase the number. I don’t mean any arm to our hitech ladies and IT guru. Hope you forgive me

  12. @Benzion Oh ok. You got a point there.
    @PraizJosh, there are but very rare.
    @Keemie and @Omogirl, Happy your presence have been triggered out… I hope to learn from you both henceforth.

    I learn faster from females ๐Ÿ™‚

    @Emmanuel Olalere,
    [quote] Amazon Kindle and the settings app [/quote]

    What do you do daily with your settings app o? To turn on/disconnect mobile data?

  13. On my tablet and BlackBerry, document editing apps, adobe reader and web browsers are indispensable to me.

  14. My everyday apps are Opera Mini, Gravity, Music Player and Note app.

    I can’t just do without these apps for now.

    @Omogirl & All the ladies that read this blog:

    It is kinda natural phenomenon that the female gender ain’t always interested in techhy stuffs. The ones that are interested are like 7 out of 50 (on a scale)

    I’m sorry if i’ve offended the active ladies here. I guess that was my mistake. ๐Ÿ™‚

  15. Drag Racer. Evernote, YouVision, Aldiko, WhatsApp, OperaMini, Golf and Elixir

  16. I guess i represent the s40 users here ๐Ÿ™‚
    On my feature phone (Nokia 5130 xpressmusic) i use UC Browser, Nokia Browser for webapps, the AED Dictionary and Thesaraus apps, Blueftp File manager, s40 Reader for reading documents and pdf, the music player, calendar, notepad and well, 2go.

    I use each of these apps atleast once every other day, with another dozen as frequently as every two to three days…

  17. whatsapp, medscape, quick office pro HD, iBooks, Olivetree Bible. I wouldn’t joke with those apps. A day is hardly complete without em.

  18. I use OPERA MINI regularly for my browsing needs, even though I also make use of the native browser for that purpose. MIROAMER radio app connects me to radio stations in other parts of the world and even in some states here in Nigeria.WHATSAPP is another very good application that I use daily to stay connected with my other friends who don’t own a Blackberry smartphone,I can’t do without my ACCUWEATHER app, which comes handy these days when I need to be sure of what nature has in stock for the day talking about the weather,SCREENMUNCHER too is very useful, ever reliable SCOREMOBILE, BBM and my GOOGLE SEARCH APP. Finally,UBERSOCIAL and BLOCKS(good old brick game).I use all these apps daily.

  19. The only indispensable apps I can think of are:
    Browsers (Opera, Dolphin or similar), IM (Whatsapp and Kik), any app that allows me to read Facebook and Twitter, and a news app. That’s it for me.

  20. The indispensable apps, on Android:

    my browsers (Opera Mini / uc Web)
    note taking app (ColorNote)
    ClipBoard app(Clip Ninja / aNdClip)
    zdBox (multiple functions)
    Smart TaskBar
    Notification Toggle

    also,apps that help me tether / fetter my data consumption..

    these are:

    NQ Mobile Security
    Easy Battery Saver
    Permission Remover

  21. Note app on symbian. One of the reasons I spent just one month on BB and I had to come back to symbian. The memo pad on BB is just not good enough in my own opinion.

    1. Opera mini. (As good as nokia belle FP1 browser is have only used it twice I think)

    2. Music player
    3. Whatsapp (am in love with this app)
    4. 2go (connect with friends and facebook chat on the cheap)

    Notable mentions but I can still live without them…
    Gravity, tweetian, PES 2011 HD, clipbook, belle extra button.

    P.S been a while I typed on PHYSICAL qwerty. Missed this a bit. Who wouldn’t miss good old qwerty?

  22. does your
    UC browser still serve the
    same function like that of
    Symbian? I mean is the
    download manager the
    main feature you enjoy or
    the browsing environment
    is improved on Android ?

    Matter of fact, I have not been using the Android version of uc Browser much. more of Opera Mini.

    Many of the b things that attracted me to uc Browser (eg Clipboard Management) are taken care of splendidly by other apps on Android

    Compared to the Symbian version, the Android version of uc Browser lags in useability and features.

    I do my downloads on a Belle device.

  23. ”Even on symbian, opera mini keeps getting better and UC browser is stagnant!”

    Conversely, UC Browser’s blazing far ahead of Opera Mini in the feature phone segment! On my little 5130, Opera Mini’s just for ‘cosmetic browsing’ because of its slightly better page rendering. But in terms of memory management, copy/paste capabilities, configurable options, features and bugs, UC is the boss. Uncontested.

  24. my number 1 app is titanium backup, i just cant do without this app. also apart from the default google app, these are also quite indispensable to me in no particular order:

    metatrader (forex trading)
    opera mini
    notification toggle
    real calculator
    esfile explorer
    you bible
    zdbox (app lock function)
    smart taskbar (thanks to eyebeekay, love this app)
    pocketmoni and mobile banking app
    and of course go launcher ex

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