It is a week to Christmas 2013, and a good time to give and receive gifts. As a mobilista, chances are that there is a

What mobile do you want for Christmas 2013?

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Santa Claus

It is a week to Christmas 2013, and a good time to give and receive gifts. As a mobilista, chances are that there is a mobile device put there that you see every time you sleep and long after every time you see its picture. We hear that Santa is coming to town, and might just have something for you. We do not know for sure though, but what have you got to lose?

Tell us what device you would love to get as a gift for Christmas. If you have more than one in mind, go ahead and list them all. Its okay to be greedy this time. Life is too short. It is Christmas after all! So, post away, and may Santa smile on you. Ho ho ho ho ho!


  1. I hope Santa’s listening o, cos I don’t want to type for fun! At the start of the year, I craved a BB10 device. I’ve had that request answered. For Xmas, I would love to own a Lumia 925. It keeps intriguing me.

  2. Hello santa, I’m not a gadget freak. But I won’t mind a Tecno M3/P5/A3.
    Oya, smile on me.
    Ho Ho Ho Ho Ho!

  3. I am quite greedy
    I want the following mobile in the order listed .
    1. Microsoft surface pro 2
    2. Nokia Lumia 1020
    3. Samsung Galaxy Note 3

    However, if I can have only one device, I will go for
    Nokia Lumia 1520

  4. Maybe I’m already in love with the Lumia series.

    Santa, If you can hear me. I’ld love to have a Lumia for Christmas. Any of these would do: 920,1020, 1520


  5. Hmmm, I’ve never been this confused. Let me just list the phones I’ve research most this year with my reasons for considering them.
    Google Nexus 5 (Pure Android experience, Updates, Display Size, USB OTG, Video Out, Specs)
    Motorola Moto G (Lowest Price Unlocked, Almost pure Android experience, USB OTG, Dual SIM)
    Samsung Note 3 (AMOLED Display, Specs, Stylus, Phablet size)
    Samsung Galaxy S4 (AMOLED Display, Specs)
    Apple iPhone 5s (Touch ID, Future proof 64bit processor, iOS apps)
    Apple iPhone 4s (Lower Price, iOS apps)
    Nokia Lumia 1020 (Industry leading Camera, Aesthetics of WP8)
    Nokia Lumia 925 (Pureview camera, Svelte body, Aesthetics of WP8)
    Tecno A plus (Display size, Dual SIM, Price)
    Blackberry Z30 (Display size, Battery life, HDMI out)
    Blackberry Q10 (Physical QWERTY keyboard)
    The list goes on. . .

  6. Merry Christmas Everyone…and Santa, if you are listening.
    this is what I want: TO GIVE MY DAUGHTER AN ANDROID PHONE!

    My daughter Tega turned 8 yesterday and I had promised her an android phone for her birthday cum Christmas gift. She is presently in Lagos on holiday with grannies.
    She has been such a great help to me @ home and very brilliant @school.
    Could you please surprise her with a brand new Tecno P5 (white or pink)?

    She deserves it. Thank you.

  7. lol @ iomalik’s list.
    well as an Android fan boy best gift’d be a Google Nexus 5 or a Motorola Moto X. then a power bank a la the Anker Astro E5 to keep my device running 24/7. also a Lumia device (925 or 625). then accessories for the Android devices like the Powerbot Wireless Charger & the Meenova micro SD card reader

  8. would like to have the Nokia Lumia 520. waiting for you to make it deal of the week before xmas. seriously waiting.

  9. Olawale,

    Unfortunately, that is not likely to happen. Because we do not stock phones, we are able to offer a deal of the week only when we can work out an arrangement with a dealer or supplier. But who knows? A dealer might just make us a good offer before Wednesday. *Keeping fingers crossed*

  10. I want a lumia 1020…….

    I want a lumia 1520…….

    I want a blackberry z30. ….

    Abeg anything you have, I dont mind, I want.

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