By default, I carry one line around. Just one. I have been in situations where I wished I had a backup line available, but I

What Mobile Number Portability Means To Me

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By default, I carry one line around. Just one. I have been in situations where I wished I had a backup line available, but I really, really, really do hate to carry two phones around. Not that I haven’t done so occasionally. I have. Once in a while, I still do, especially when I am reviewing a phone. But as a rule, I am a one-phone person. The one line that I carry around is powered by Glo. Why Glo?

First and foremost, I am a data person. That means, messaging and internet are my priority over and above voice calls. It is not just data either. It has to be fast data. Broadband. 3G. Glo meets that need for me. I get full 3G bars on my Glo line. Before Glo, I had used Airtel and MTN as primary lines. Both of those networks failed me big time. MTN has these silly error messages that turn up from time to time while browsing. Plus, from 9PM to around 1AM, MTN internet is near unusable. Airtel? I still get 0 to 2 bars of 3G on my Airtel line, and neither of their 3G nor 2G internet services have worked well for me. Very epileptic.

What of Etisalat? Etisalat was promising in the early days. They had relatively reliable EDGE coverage and service, and then later added 3G service. For a time, I deployed Etisalat 3G for my home and office hotspots. Then, all of a sudden, quality of service on Etisalat dropped and finally 3G service disappeared at my location. I have complained. Till today, things have remained the same. I hate to nag, so I have let it go and put my Etisalat SIMs on the shelf.

As such, I am stuck with Glo. I get fast and relatively stable 3G service on Glo. Of course, like every other network, they do mess up with mobile internet, voice and SMS every now and then. But Glo is the network that provides me with what I need the most. So, what does this mobile number portability thing mean for me? Right now, Nothing. It is all over my head. Perhaps some day, I will be excited about it. But I would love for that day not to come. And only my current network provider, Glo, can guarantee that by keeping me happy.


  1. Even though I’m like; “does Mister Mo
    have to post this?” It still got me thinking along d same lines, he pointed out in this blog post……Mister Mo, nice post sir!!!

  2. while this MNP thing may not be particularly significant to us individually, the fallout is that it will engender more ferocious competition between the Service Providers.

    this can only be to the eventual benefit of the customers.

    the fact you can only change about four times within a year is a damper, though..

  3. My main line is my Airtel line, not because of data but because it was my first line and the number everyone has. My backup is MTN. In my area, both Airtel and MTN are the best lines and work and stop working at intervals. Etisalat and Glo are non-starters.

    So number portability, though in theory makes sense, for the most part I wouldn’t bother. I’m waiting for people to port, complain, then port again and end up back where they started.

  4. Though location will always play a vital role on the way internet works on pc or smart phones but up till now I never believe Glo is usable regards data. I have travelled nations wide the only network that give full bars on 3g wherever you may be is MTN and downloads on the network is faster than others as far as im concern. The second bet is Airtel. Well portng any of my numbers does not really make sense to me cos I have at least a line from each provider 4 sims on two good phones.

  5. I would rather go for a multiple-sims phone e.g Tecno Trinity than embracing number portability since d network providers are birds of same feather

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