Music streaming on mobile may not have caught on too much in this part of the world, but we are seeing evidence that people are

What music streaming service do you use?

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Mobile Music Streaming

Music streaming on mobile may not have caught on too much in this part of the world, but we are seeing evidence that people are getting on it – in small numbers. High data tariffs makes it a hard sell here, but progress is progress.Have you gotten on the mobile music streaming train? Which of the available services do you use? Spinlet? Last.Fm? Deezer? Nokia Music? Spotify? Some other one?

Tell us and stand the chance to get a free gift card for a music streaming service. The floor is yours!

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  1. Mr Mo or whoever, could you delete my previous statement? I hadn’t even pressed reply, the page disappeared, I got an error message saying it had been duplicated and it just took me 20 minutes to find this page again!

    Ahem, as I was saying….I have tried Deezer, Spinlet, Spotify and Nokia Music. I’ve previously subscribed to Nokia Music and currently subscribe to Deezer.

    What I like about Nokia Music? The mixed genre playlists: choose 2 or 3 artists and it will play similar artists in the resulting compilation. You can stream or download the playlist and listen offline. The only downside I can think of are the number of songs you can skip.

    I gave up on Spotify when I found I couldn’t play an entire album on the free version without getting interrupted by other songs from the same artist that I didn’t want to listen to. I tried Deezer and then decided to subscribe. It may not have as many tracks, albums or artists as Spotify and Rdio (which I’ve heard of but never used) but it came in very handy during Christmas when I was looking for Christmas music and found some classics which I streamed via wifi. As with others you can download and listen to individual songs, albums or playlists offline.

  2. i’ve tried Nokia Music, their playlists are great. apparently their playlists are curated by humans and not algorithms. I also use Pandora

  3. Spotify all the way… Though I paid for deezer. And I am currently running apple music trial..but Spotify some how edges it with their music selection algorithm.
    Down side is that they don’t accept Nigerian cards so I had to find a way……. To enjoy premium features without paying.

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