This is what Ntel Pay-As-You-Go data costs

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Chalk it up to curiosity. If you wish, perhaps boredom. It doesn’t matter. I went hunting for information about what Ntel Pay-As-You-Go data would cost. You know, some potential subscribers are put off the cost of the announced data plans. For example, the ongoing data test run offers “unlimited” internet for 30 days at the cost of N10,000. Not many people can afford that. So, perhaps Pay-As-You-go data would be something they can play with.

Ntel Pay-As-You-Go data

My finding was so incredible that I had to pull out a calculator and crunch the numbers again and again. Finally, I resorted to Twitter for help:


Yup; old age wasn’t messing with my head. My calculations were correct. Ntel Pay-As-You-Go data costs N40/MB. N40 freaking naira per megabyte! At least, that is what the Ntel website says. Is it a typo or some other error? Did they mean to type N4/ MB? or N0.40/MB? I don’t know.

But just to be sure, do calculate how much 1GB of data will cost you if you use pay-as-you-go for browsing on Ntel’s 4G network. PS: Do. Not. Freak. Out.



  1. It can’t be N40 per mb, even stingy MTN charges N10 per mb, if it is true that would mean N40000 per gb, I believe it is lower than that maybe N0. 40 per mb

  2. It is “4G” as opposed to 3G and 2G, so the presumption that it would be more expensive isn’t wrong. But that it would be more than twice the cost of MTN’s 3G tariff leaves me wondering….

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