What Shall It Profit a Brand to Gain the US and Lose the World?

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Last year, Nokia killed off Symbian/Belle and MeeGo. They have since been pushing Windows Phone exclusively as their smartphone platform, as part of a plan to get a strong footing in the US market. The idea is that the US market is key to the world market, a theory that I disagree with. There are other brands doing well globally without a good footing in the US market. But that’s just my opinion.

Some are of the opinion that the Finnish company should have taken a multiple platform approach, if only till their Windows Phone smartphones have gained a strong footing. Others believe that the adoption of Windows Phone was a bad move, and that perhaps adopting Android would have produced better results. I do not personally believe that is a granted. Motorola, for example, has a good footing in the US market and produces Android smartphones, yet…. Again, I digress.

Since the move, Nokia has lost smartphone market share heavily and have been incurring loses, to the extent that one of the options on the table now is to sell off their corporate headquarters to generate much-needed cash. Once the king of the mobile jungle, Nokia is presently a shell of the company that we used to know.

Nokia’s Windows Phone strategy clearly hasn’t worked out too fine till date in terms of sales and smartphone marketshare. As a matter of fact, Microsoft appears to be so disappointed with Nokia’s performance that they are giving certain privileges to other brands (like HTC) and probably also dabbling into producing their own smartphone.

Personally, I keep being tempted to ask, “What Shall It Profit a Brand to Gain the US and Lose the World?” Still, who knows how things may turn out once the next generation of Windows Phone devices from Nokia hit the market?

Over to you. Here is a poll to sound out your position on the situation over a year after the Burning Platform speech and the adoption of Windows Phone exclusively in its place.

Question: In the light of recent events, what do you think of Nokia’s push to corner the US market?

[We have had to remove the poll, as it was throwing up errors again, which was why we stopped using it earlier. Kindly express your views in the comments section below – Editor]


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  1. When I try to vote, I get this error ”
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    I believe “It was a bad move for Nokia and it will cost them dearly”

  2. I may be overly naive and simplistic about this – but it is pretty evident that Nokia WILL easily turn its fortunes around by merely adopting Android.

    Most people do not have problems with Nokia on the hardware front. They are as capable as the best hands in the hardware biz.

    it is the software obsolescence (OS) that precipitated their fall from Mount Olympus .

    Shed the Corporate Arrogance. Eat the Humble Pie. Dump WindowsPhone, adopt Android. Case closed!

  3. I still believe they can turn things around, but that will depend largely on the success of Windows Phone 8 which will also depend some on the success of the Windows 8 and Microsoft Surface Tablet. Yeah, complicated but that’s just the way it is.

    Given, a better option would have been to allow Symbian to die a natural death than announcing its funerals while it is still breathing but that mistake has been made and there is no going back. Adopting Android would also have been good, giving them options and allowing the various platforms to fight for consumers acceptance before deciding which is really worth killing.

  4. @ Mr Mo, why don’t you try gopollgo for the poll it’s really nice, but the poll will be located at their site.

    Thanks, Johnny. But I’m not a great fan of remotely hosted data. i’d prefer for all data to be resident on this site.

  5. I still believe Nokia will come out of this mess. However, they have some work to do.

    1. Their lumia flagship price is expensive compared to other flagships.
    2. Although Nokia is known for great designs, the lumia is too heavy compared to the iPhone 5 or the s3.
    3. If they were relying on the previous huge Nokia fan base for sales, they should give them what they liked in the symbian devices like Mass storage and Bluetooth.
    4. They need to utilise the previous Nokia market spread and make the lumia available everywhere. Also, the windows market accessible.

  6. I dont not see nokia succeeding on it transition to windows phone for a clear reason that its fans does not like the os.I mean, if its fans had liked the os there would have been a huge market evidenced from the purchase of the first set of Lumia lines.But as it is even the sales of the new MeeGo os N9 which it tried to kill surpassed that of the entire windows phone lines combine, telling you that people have certain emotional attachments to what they want.See the apple fans, despite it deficiencies they still stick to it and no amount of nokia bashing on its iLag map could stop the long queue to get the new iphone5.So give your customer oranges if they ask for one and not grapes,period! Modernized symbian/meltemin at low ends and MeeGo on the high ends smartphone.

  7. Let me start by saying that i understand the skepticism of consumers on Nokia’s long term goals and its adoption of the Windows Phone 8 OS as it’s flagship OS. Nokia & Blackberry where once the dominant global players in the smartphone market. Their arrogance & lack of innovation was among their major downfall. For Nokia, the decision to go Windows Phone 8 is a calculated risk which i belive will pay off in the long run. Nokia has learnt a bitter lesson and swallowed its pride as it watched former underdog Samsung & newcomer Apple snatch up the US smartphone market. However, Nokia has not been sleeping on the job. It’s said, “what is worth doing is worth doing well”. With the announcement of the Nokia Lumia 920, Nokia has done just that. Spec wise, it’s in league with the Samsung Galaxy series & Iphone 4S (Dual Core Processor, 4G LTE, 1GB RAM, NFC, 32GB Storage etc). With the best camera technology (Pure View)in any phone at the moment & one of the best screens(Pure Motion HD+), its a guarantee that the Nokia Lumia 920 will be a hit. Windows Phone 8 is a great OS & will be on par with Android, IOs6 & BB10 in my opinion.

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