This is a simple poll: If money was not an issue, what smartphone would you go out and buy right NOW? MobilityArenaMobilityArena InfoDesk publishes useful

What smartphone do you want the most?

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This is a simple poll: If money was not an issue, what smartphone would you go out and buy right NOW?


  1. I would’ve preferred that the question should’ve been 2 smartphones and also include tablets. If I have my way, I’d need the iPad!

    Or a Samsung Galaxy S II.

  2. I need an xperia neo like nooow! I prefer mid range smartphones;a good balance btw power and functionality.


  4. @ jujukemist
    no mind us jare, na the specs of galasy s2 dey mouthwatering, lol.
    yeah it can do all the things n8 can do; it has usb-on-the-go just like the n8.

    n8 only beats it in the camera area not that the s2 camera is bad o, its very good too. if only it had xenon flash like the n8, it would have been perfect, but it comes with dual led flash.

    but in my opinion, overall its a better buy than the n8.

    cant wait to get my hands on it as my major smartfone, if change remain i can buy the n8 for my wife.

  5. @ jujukemist, right now i have been using my galaxy s for about 8months… and if given the option to choose btw it and N8, i will choose the sgs over and over… now coming to its elder brother, the sgsII… a dual core, 1.2Ghz, 1gig ram, 8megapixel camera, juicy gingerbread, 50% energy saving super amoled plus 4.3inch screen, tot sgs was slim…the sgs2 is slimmer & lighter, over 250,000 android apps (70% free, important for us in naija) and the best part…loads and loads of custom roms (my specialty)… one can never go wrong choosing this baby..never

  6. If money weren’t an object I’d definitely go for the iphone 4 as long as I’d be able to buy apps from the Apple App Store

  7. Yes, the samsung galaxy S2 has the most enviable specs, and should probably be my first choice.

    But I already got a top touchscreen-only phone, the N8. Say what you like about it and Nokia, but I have no plans of letting it go. However, I do need a qwerty keyboard phone to complement it, and this its the primary reason why I don’t want the Galaxy S2.

    My two top choices are the Nokia E6-00 and Sony Ericsson Xperia Pro. The latter wins bcoz it’s a droid, but I’m getting whichever arrives first in Nigeria.

  8. I see the phone i will buy if money is not a problem as the phone I will never buy because I think its too expensive.

    iPhone 4 32GB 180,000 naira even after 1 year.

  9. @Spacyzuma

    Lately have been thinking about that combination. and my mind has been on a Bold 9780 and iPod Touch 4th Gen 32GB(Jailbreak)

    I have been using a ‘Stop Gap’ phone for sometime now, so painful but am really taking my time.

  10. I hope this is allowed, I found a new love.

    Qualcomm Snapdragon MDP MSM8660. This thing is, in a sense, a glimpse of the future. Built on top of a dual-core, 1.5 Ghz Snapdragon CPU, the crazy fast Adreno 220 graphics chip, and sporting a 13 megapixel camera, the MDP is primarily meant for developers to get a head start on the tech that’ll be hitting handsets later this year.

    It cost $1,350

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