I am constantly being asked by people to help them decide what smartphone to buy. “Which is better for me: the MoPhone or the zPhone?”

What Smartphone Is Best For You?

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I am constantly being asked by people to help them decide what smartphone to buy. “Which is better for me: the MoPhone or the zPhone?” The truth is that what is best for you is a personal decision that depends on a range of factors that impact you as a person. You make decisions on cost, platform, size, features, user interface, and apps. It is all about your needs and preferences.

For example, regardless of how much the rest of the smartphone world may shout themselves hoarse about how locked up the iPhone is, it might just be what works for you. An iPhone is about the most limiting smartphone that I have ever used. I will eagerly take a BlackBerry Z30 (as endangered as its specie is) or even the Nokia 808 PureView (running Symbian OS that is no longer being supported) over it. Yet, the iPhone works for lots of others. That’s the way the world works. One man’s food…kills another.

Deciding what smartphone is best for you is like deciding what woman or man is best for you to date or marry. Your choice may not be what others will go along with, but it is your choice and based on your needs, tastes and values. You cannot afford to go with the crowd because their choices are popular. Again, you must not dismiss the popular choice; it might just be what you need too. You have to look at everything first. Here are a few pointers:

  • Different platforms have different peculiarities that you need to consider: built-in capabilities and 3rd party apps catalogues are things you want to examine here.
  • Even on same platform, different manufacturers modify/add/remove capabilities to differentiate, so you need to bear that in mind.
  • Carrying comfort and ease of use: do you have small or big hands? Do you prefer small, moderate or big size?
  • Looks: are you fashion-oriented or looking to make an impression with your phone? If so, looks matter.
  • Lower end phones, expectedly, have compromises in terms of look, feel, and performance, but they are more affordable.

The key is to look out for yourself – what works for you.

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  1. Great guide, but then, it would still leave the question unanswered, like trying to answer,

    ‘What good business can I go into. I have N1 Million? ‘

    // One man’s food…kills another.//

    That truly interests. A couple of folks to poison, here and there . What food, please, so that… ?


    Funds availability is often the limiting factor.. If money is no object, the choice is simpler somewhat .


    Except for those gadget (/ fashion) maniacs that must be with the latest device or latest OS, I believe there are middle of the road recommendations.

    Three features we can..minimally… agree on… as being non _negotiable.. for smartphones:

    … Abundance of apps on the platform the phone runs.
    … Great battery life
    … Legible display in brilliant sunlight
    … Great build (Corning Glass, flexible display, etc)

    If you choose a locked down device, believing the incapacitation doesn’t currently matter, you can be sure a day will come you will miss..and regret… those absent / restricted features.

    Why not future_proof your device?

    One feature that will vary, depending on individuals, is the screen size. (A company like Samsung is giving a new meaning to variety of screen size being the spice of mobile life)

    Removability of battery, pre(ab)sence of TV / FM radio, camera (primary / secondary) grade, connectivity options.. are other issues that may vary in desirability, depending on individuals, and how cadaverous their bank account is.

  2. Having agreed with all what have been pointed out in deciding on choosing your Best/prefered Smartphone, may I add that, “Data Consumption”.

    How data hungry is your smartphone? Will the data subcription fall within your budget?

    To fully enjoy a smartphone, you need Data Access!

  3. I knew this kind of question would kind of box you in a tight corner…you know why I think so? A lot of us want different things same time. It thus,makes it hard to decide for ourselves which is which…then we cast our burden on Mr. Mobility.

  4. Laide,

    True; you can ask me. But when you do, you need to provide information for the above-listed factors, so I have something to use to make recommendations for you.

  5. Please, is the Goophone available in Nigeria?
    Cos lots of Nigerian blogs make posts on it.

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