Remember my earlier articles, If you get a tablet, what would you need a smartphone for? and Can I really go back to carrying two

What Tablet Plus Phone Combo?

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Remember my earlier articles, If you get a tablet, what would you need a smartphone for? and Can I really go back to carrying two devices around?

If you haven’t read those articles, I recommend that you do that so you can have a clear background to this subject. Basically, I am finally considering replacing my almost 3-year old netbook with a tablet. And in doing so, I need to take into consideration the issues I raised in those articles.

Someone like Dayo simply just uses his Galaxy Tab as a tablet and phone, so he has no need of two devices. And, no; he does not hold the Tab to his ear for calls!!!

For me, if I get a tablet, I’d want to have a proper mobile phone on me. The question now is, What phone do I use with a tablet? You see, I do not see how it makes sense to carry around a mini laptop like the E7 with me if I have a tablet on me. Having a tablet should mean being at liberty to use a more phone-centric device – something compact and with good battery life, but also smart enough to meet my geeky needs.

What Tablet?
I have toyed on and off with the idea of getting a tablet for quite a while now. But with the early reviews of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9, finally it looks to me that we have a tablet that can really replace a netbook for me. I prefer the 8.9-inch version of the Tab over the 10-inch version for portability reasons.

I can copy all my files on my old Acer AspireOne to the Tab 8.9 with minimal fuss and simply get on with my life. No fusses about lack of mass storage mode, or requiring some PC software to synchronise a limited range of media files. Add to that the superb UI and functionality of the Tab 8.9, and if the battery life of the original Tab is anything to go by, the Tab 8.9 should meet my stringent battery performance requirements. I am betting that I have a winner.

What Phone?
Looking around, there is no other device that looks like it will cut it besides the soon-to-be launched Nokia E6. Symbian meets all my basic and advanced needs. It packs all the functionality of the E7 in an ultra-compact form, and delivers amazing battery life.

Nokia claim that the E6 offers unbeatable power with its long-lasting battery. So powerful you can talk throughout your workday or watch four movies without a break. That can’t be far from the truth – a 1500 mAh battery on a 680 MHz porocessor powering a 2.46-inch display. Sounds like the real deal.

tablet phone
So, bar any surprises, for my mobility needs, I am going to end up carrying around the E6, a Symbian Anna smartphone and the Tab 8.9, an Android 3.0 tablet. Both of them can talk to one another via USB and Bluetooth. They can also talk to other USB devices, which is a basic computing need for me. Both of them have exemplary battery life. The combination is certainly looking good for me.

However, your mileage may vary. If you had to choose a phone-tablet combination for your use, what combination would it be?


  1. Hmmmnnnn, An N8 added to my iPad wouldn’t be a bad combination at all… Though I currently carry the iPad and a 5800 hardly use my laptop nowadays.

  2. My question, as always- is – can a tablet ADEQUATELY do the work of a (smart)phone- or even a netbook?
    A tablet gives me an extra device to carry – without offering me anything in return (apart from minor weight reduction)

    A 4.3′ – or so – device should be good enough for me. Anything that requires more than that -can be done on my netbook – when I have it with me.

    If a tablet can be produced that is as powerful as a netbook, running an OS with enough available apps, and has an optionally attachable/detachable hardware keyboard, then laptops / netbooks may become history. I will then become a BELIEVER in SUCH A TABLET…

  3. EyeBeeKay,

    There is no tablet out there that can fully replace a netbook, if you are looking at everything a netbook is capable of. However, for what the majority of people use their netbooks for – web browsing, email, social networking, documents viewing and editing – tablets are sufficient. This, among such benefits of less bulk, always-on state, longer battery life and ease of use, make tablets attractive.
    As a rule, a tablet cannot replace a fully-functional PC.

    Also, tablets can effectively replace smartphones. A tablet with a GSM/3G radio built-in is a giant smartphone, plus some more. As mentioned in my article, ‘Dayo uses his Galaxy Tab as a converged device – effectively a huge smartphone. He doesn’t miss anything he’s been using on previous smartphones.

  4. You would never appreciate a tablet till you get one. It’s much smaller than a net book and mine’s turned me back into the voracious reader I was before I got my laptop with the nook app (which accepts my Nigerian card).
    A lot less distractions on it, it’s not too cumbersome, etc etc

  5. Eyebeekay, you spoke my mind there. Until a Tab can replace my netbook, I realy dont need one.
    Rather than carry a tab and another smartphone/phone, I would do the Dayo shuffle but with a smaller tab …the Dell Streak or a similar light weight 5” tab.

  6. The combination of the Samsung Tab 8.9 and Nokia E6 (form factors ) is arguably the best.

    I sometimes wonder why i will need the Tab 8.9 if i have a Galaxy SII, apart from the bigger screen.

    Invariably, why should an individual carry two devices that piratically only differ by size i.e iPhone 4 and iPad, Galaxy SII and Tab any size.

    The combination of Samsung Tab 8.9 and Nokia E6 (form factors ) just looks right….

  7. I totally doubt a tablet can replace a computer for me, there are certain things that it can never attain. However if I were to make a choice, I’d go for an ipad, the choice of apps that make proper use of it’s screen real estate is totally esctatistic, with photoshop and microsoft office in the works for it. And the companion phone would be a samsung Galaxy S II the range of available apps and also the ability to side load these apps make it a preferable replacement for symbian when it eventually dies off

  8. In my own case I have a dual sim feature phone from LG for voice and sms while my 7inch Samsung GT handles all my smartphone needs as well as replaces my laptop when I’m on the move. Agreed the battery life isn’t great, but it takes me a full day of active usage. Yes I also use it with a BT headset for voice calls.

  9. @yomi,,i knew yu wud pick the E6,was xpecttin yu to, i love this phone too but was discouraged by nokia’s move to abandon symbian, but looking around i coudn’t really find a phone that combines smart functions with a solid build like the E6 offers,,,am gonna buy it but do you have any idea how much it would cost?…sami.

  10. This brings us in a roundabout way back to the question: Of what use is a athletic it cannot replace a netbook?

    I move in with EyeBeeKay on the need for a tablet with ability to dock with hardware keyboard (Samsung has that). However, I think Dayo’s choice makes more sense to me in absence of total netbook replacement. You go around with an 8.9 tablet that can make calls and have your netbook at home.

    But for me, I’ll rather have a 4.3 inch android running 3.0 version with a keyboard dock along with my netbook.

    Why would anyone carry an iPad with an N8? How do they talk directly to each other? I mean you still need a netbook or desktop in between to get any reasonable communication between your devices.

  11. Lol @Deoladoctor, they don’t need to “talk”.. I use my iPad as an ebook reader (which would kill my eyes on a phone) and browsing then a little document processing, If “talk” means transferring files, I can easily transfer documents via my Wifi on the Documents application.
    Apart from that, I really don’t need them connecting which each other, just with my laptop

  12. Following DeolaDoctor’s comment >>> ‘….a tablet with ability to dock with hardware keyboard (Samsung has that)’, I googled ‘Samsung tablet with detachable keyboard….’

    It turned out even LG has a tablet with a detachable keyboard!. This is news to me.

    Now, if the processors keep getting powerful, my netbook may just be due for a replacement with a tablet having a detachable keyboard…

  13. @Peter

    You said:

    “…. I really don’t need them connecting which each other, just with my laptop…”

    That’s just the total sum of what am trying to say. If the tablet cannot replace the netbook, of what use is it aside from being portable at the expence of burning a hole in your pocket? You now end up with a nokia N8, a tablet (iPad), and your laptop.

    Duplication (or shall i dare say “triplication”) of duties if you ask me.

  14. @Deoladoctor. You fail to realise that it is not only through bluetooth that mobile devices can communicate. peter mentioned that through the N8 and ipad could also communicate through a document app like goodreader for instance!

    A tablet and a smartphone is a good combination. Apart from a galaxy tab 10.1 (I prefer that to 8.9), and Nokia e7 combination which to my mind is an impeccable combination; I’m also considering a galaxy s II Smartphone in conjunction with an ipad 2.

    Getting a tablet is a must for of! Either of the two combination will do me well. But I still need to wait for the commercial version of the galaxy tab to be out before making us my mind. If the galaxy tab is anything like what I saw in gNIGERIA and what was reviewed on engadget, them perhaps my mind is already made up!

  15. I still fail to see the essence of a smartphone-tablet combination. The tab is essentially another smartphone albeit with a larger screen. So the e6/e7 combo with a Samsung tab 8.9 in my opinion is just -let me borrow a word from deoladoctor- duplicity.

  16. @afewgoodmen

    Goodreader can’t transfer video and pictures and the process is rather clumsy and roundabout sort of way to transfer documents between devices. In all cases, you will still need the laptop to do the transfer which to my mind defeats the very purpose of getting a tablet (viz. Less weight, lightness, less carry arounds)

    Your combination of a galaxy and iPad 2 still suffers from the same shortcomings as that of Peter and shows you and most people buy tablets not for convenience but as extra add ons to your smartphones and laptops.

  17. Looks like DeolaDoctor and Ambyzown: have been able to ¬successfully- turn this into an English 101 class…lol

    DECEITFULNESS, deceit, deception, double-dealing, underhandedness, dishonesty, fraud, fraudulence, sharp practice, chicanery, trickery, subterfuge, skulduggery, treachery; informal crookedness, shadiness, dirty tricks, shenanigans, monkey business; poetic/literary perfidy.
    —OPPOSITES honesty.

    Usage: it is self-duplity (self deceiving) to believe you need a tablet when DeolaDOCTOR did not prescribeany!

    an act or instance of duplicating

    usage: it is a duplication of function to oen both a 3g capable tablet and a smartphone..

    Triplication / qudruplication: …searching…searching…searching…

  18. In my humble opinion [which has been stated several times], a tablet is an expensive toy. In it’s present stage of development, it can’t do all the things my laptop can do. It’s only advantages are battery life and mobility, and both are already covered by a high-end smartphone.

  19. @EyeBeeKay

    Thanks for the English 101 tutorials. But the points am trying to make are:
    1. Tablet in-between a smartPhone and a laptop is a bad idea, waste of money, and an extra luggage to carry. Except of course you are looking for a new toy to play with or you just want to “show off” with it.

    2. An apple product in form of tablet or smartphone combined with other brands smartphone or tablet, is an anathema. I use an iPhone so am not against it. It is good for what it is designed to do. But combining apple with other brands brings you a third factor. You’ll need a laptop (a “must use” situation), otherwise the tablet and the smartphones will live in separate worlds. For the cost of an apple product, bringing in an added laptop will do terrible things to your bank account unless you are well loaded.

    Using non apple products combination will be a better idea if tablets can take over the functions of either laptops or smartphones.

  20. @Peter is watching and looking at everyone.
    Anyway it depends on what you use your tablet for, I’m not a movie or music person, I mostly use my ibooks, nook or kindle reader to read ebooks and then play angry birds when I’m bored, do a little typing if I have work on pages or quick office, reply customer emails with the mail app, connect with social networks via myPad or tweetdeck and do some browsing with my safari (though there’s no flash support.).
    All this is done on the previous night’s charge (I constantly have more than 40% when I want to charge it at night).
    Apart from that, it’s extremely convenient to carry about(like a small exercise book when in it’s case) & it’s eye-candy…
    What I love most is it’s brought back my reading habit, I cant count how many novels and motivational books I’ve completed since I got it.
    I only use my laptop in the evenings nowadays so effectively, my iPad is really useful and replaces it for the day.
    And the funny part, it’s the wifi version, so I use Joikuspot premium on my 5800 to share my connection whenever I need to browse 😀

  21. Sure, Deoladoctor. I get your point and I agree entirely.

    You can tell the men from the boys from the price of their toys. Apple products are for the men. Tablets are also NOT for boys. Finito!

  22. @Peter has said it all. Succinctly. I couldn’t have hit the spot better. Other reasons include editing movie clips via iMovie, Editing documents, and Media consumption! If you wish to try your hand on creating Music; GarageBand native Apple app is just there! There are sometimes that a smartphone’s screen is too tiny. And a Laptop may typify using a sledge hammer to kill a fly; that’s the time the tablet comes in! And it’s unbeatable in it’s element.

    @Deoladoctor. You fail to appreciate the power of the iPhone that you are presently using. You can transfer any kind of file to GoodReader be it movies or pictures or anything else via wi-fi! And if the format is acceptable via the iPhone you can even play it on your idevice. Or better still, transfer it to your native iPhone app like video, photo or iBooks to handle. This is also applicable for an iPad. And the transfer is two ways. Perhaps I should come over a bottle of beer to demonstrate it?

    All you need is for the other gadget to have a browser. And the two to be on same wi-fi network. THERE MUSTN’T BE A COMPUTER/Laptop at hand.
    So when I said earlier that an ipad2 and a Samsung S II can relate, I meant it!

    Finally, @Others: Whether you wish to embrace the “Post-PC era” Tablet is just an individual decision. Me believe the tablet computer has come to stay. Millions of individuals are embracing it every month. And I strongly believe they have good and valid reasons. A Tablet is NOT a toy. It is more productive than many will believe except if they give it a try!

  23. @Peter

    I am really impressed by your analysis and submission. At the end of the day, it’s what works for you that matter. I’ll suggest you buy yourself a starcomms router for Internet connectivity on all your devices.

    Thanks for enlightening me. I might just take you on regards the tutorials over a bottle of beer as you suggested.

    The whole idea is to present your point of view and read other’s so as to eventually get a balanced opinion and make an informed choice when deciding on what to buy.

  24. @Peter and @afewgoodmen has interesting points.

    I once told a friend, “If I am to ever buy a Tablet, it will be Wifi only”. I see no reason why I should pay for data on my laptop, phone and now tablet again- a wifi only tablet makes a lot of sense since you can always share the data to the tablet.

    Its so fortunate / unfortunate (as the case may be), but the thing is that most people will end up with a Smartphone, A Tablet and a Laptop – some unfortunate/lucky ones will also have a powerful desktop.

  25. I will step in and point out a few observations with regards this discussion.

    1. Some of you guys sound like broken records. Fact: tablets are not fully netbook replacements, but handle the tasks that the majority of people use their netbooks for. Simple. Yes; tablets are an addition; not a replacement.

    2. Some of you guys are going on as if the larger display of the tablet is trivial. If you have used one, it is clear that it is not. For certain tasks – as an example, try reading PDF files on a 3.5″ display smartphone and then try it on a tablet – the tablet’s larger display is more expedient

    3. Some of you guys already carry two to three smartphones anyway, with a corresponding number of SIM cards – and you don’t consider that duplicity or triplicity or whateva, but when it comes to a tablet (which actually offers greater differentiation), you go on and on and on.

    Come on, guys, your drone is really amusing from where I stand.

    Like someone else here has said, its what works for you that matters. If a tablet-smartphone combo is it, fine. If its not, okay. But honestly, the above excuses for being anti-tablet that I have highlighted are just so, so lame.

    Just saying, and yes, laughing out loud, hitting my head on my desk.

  26. @bosun99uk: Alternatively you could do what I do. Subscribe to a monthly gsm data plan like the MTN 6gb package on the Galaxy tab and share its internet connection via wifi with a laptop, phone or any wifi enabled device.

  27. ……one, it is clear that it is not. For certain tasks – as an example, try reading PDF files on a 3.5? display smartphone and then try it on a tablet – the tablet’s larger display is more expedient…..

    Sure, no question about that.
    Of course I have the option of converting my pdf to another format (say .txt, or .doc) which I am able to read without stress on my measly 3 2′ screen smartphone – using an app like ‘AnyView’.

    I love travelling light. It is wey I rarely put on a wristwatch, and generally avoid other accoutrements – whenever possible.

    I CERTAINLY will not shell out over a hundred grand for an ADDITIONAL gadget that brings nothing new to the table other than a bigger screen size.
    Fact is, it is just an expensive TOY.

    Like beauty (and ugliness), the value of a toy is in the eye of the beholder..
    If you can afford it, and you are cool with it, why not? Go for it!

  28. @Ambyzown
    I use Swift and I pay 6k/month already.
    I also use Starcomms when I want to Stream HD content.

    Am not ready to spend that much for phone data.

  29. A friend complained that he does not see any difference between his iPhone 4 and the iPad and he thinks the iPad is a waste.

    And I said to him, why not sell it or give it out.

    After all there are lots of people that are very happy with their Tablet and are making good use of the iPad.

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    You can not believe just how much time I had spent for this information! Thank you!

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