What Tablet Screen Size is Right for You?

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In considering buying a Tablet PC, what screen size would you consider just the right size for you and why?

Yomi has said that the 8.9-inch size is his cup of tea. Me? I prefer the 7-inch screen size. My reasons are simple.

1. I am able to conveniently carry it around without a carrying case.

2. It fits well into most of my trouser pockets; and no, they were not bought with the Tab in mind.

3. Typing on the on-screen keyboard in portrait mode is just perfect. Any screen bigger than this will be uncomfortable for me in my opinion.

So there you have it – some of the reasons the 7-inch screen size is just right for me. The floor is now yours. Use the comments segment to tell us what screen size is your cup of tea.

  1. I have had my 7″ galaxy tab for a month now and like you Dayo I think its just the right size, anything larger than this would be cumbersome.

    I really like that i can hold the tab in one hand and browse, read a book or do just about anything else the tab is capable of.

    with the installation of “thumb keyboard” typing in portrait or landscape mode has become much more efficient and enjoyable (as soon as you get the hang of it).

    If for any reason I would have to replace this wonderful machine then it would be with this same model or one exactly the same size with updated features.

    I absolutely love it !!!

  2. What is a tablet?
    A keyboArd-less smartphone of screen size above 4.5 inches,; or a keyboardless netbook?


    Like I said before now, a device of about 4.5′ screen size would be adequate. It would be truly portable and have great battery life (because of the small size)

    I can not imagine holding anything bigger and attempting to read mobilitynigeria while squeezed in an Island-bound Molue; or shopping on Otigba Street. Too conspicuous!

  3. @Eyebeekay
    I personally carry around a dual sim Etisalat phone which I can pull out any where. And I am used to looking around b4 pulling out my real phone.(all to avoid unnecessary attention)

    On the Subject.
    Unfortunately or probably because I tried the iPad first but the Galaxy Tab 7 and Playbook just look small to me.

    I will also like to say that choosing a screen size for now is certainly for Android tablets

    I should be ok with the 8.9

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