What The Belle Is Going On?

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Nokia began pushing out the Belle update to Symbian^3 smartphones last week. We have received reports of successful updates to devices such as the N8, E6, and E7.

Nokia N8

Have you updated your Nokia smartphone yet? What was the update experience like? What do you think of Nokia Belle? What do you like and dislike about it? You tell us!


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  1. I did mine yesterday. It was 295mb and it took me almost 1hr30mins. In the end it was ok. I lik the 6 homescreen, d way d date display and so on. Am still playing with it sha, bt one thing am still not sure of wht to say is the camera. I dont see any significant improvmt, infact am afraid to say I love d pix i took with anna than with belle. So, am still waiting to hear frm other people.

  2. The update has been so delayed its no longer exciting again. Have been hearing belle since over 6months ago if i’m not mistaken…or is there anythin new in the official release from nokia?

  3. Symbian is dead symbian is dead bla bla bla… Can symbian please hurry up and die!
    Wait, may be Adenuga or Dangote should buy it off cos Symbian don’t look like a dying os to me with two more major update ahead with dual core and all that.
    I smell a rat. Oh! Well, I guess symbian is already dead… I hear the belle update is called Nokia Belle and not Symbian Belle.
    Currently working from a remote location so can’t dare update but honestly I can’t wait to update, 3tab for browsing sucks

  4. Belle is really great. More intuitive and more UI Candy when compared to Anna! But for God’s sake, why did Nokia had to wait this long? Bears me.

  5. Nop, I have a Nokia Astound c7, and Nokia and the blood sucker Tmobile will not update in USA. I am going to wait until my warranty end to flash the device to see what the fuss it’s about.

  6. oh my belle o, my head o! This Nokia Belle reminds me of Jagua the comedian.

    So far, I’ve been loving the bel ui. Another thing to note is that my predictive text works smarter than before.

    The Portrai QWERTY are well spaced out more than what we had on Anna.

    I spent the bulk of my time driving from east to west today. As soo as I find out more fascinating stuff, i’d share.

  7. The Portrait QWERTY are well spaced out more than what we had on Anna./

    Jesse, You seem to prefer using that more than a thirdparty solution like ‘swype’. With the improved predictive text, would you say Swype is less relevant in this update?

  8. Guys honestly do u think this belle update will spread to lower phones like the E5….cos thats what am using o…..pls kindly reply cos am not a software guru

  9. Even thoguh the e5 is not really a lower phone as u call it, it’s as expensive and powerful as a symbian 3 device, unfortunately it won,t receive any anna/belle updates cuz it still runs s60.its a bad move by nokia, still releasing phones with s60. Yomi has talked about this in an earlier article

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