What To Do Before Subscribing To A Data Plan

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Subscribing to a data plan on a mobile network is as simple as entering in a few USSD codes or sending a text message to a certain number; right? Wrong!

This post was thought up as a result of me wasting my money on a certain light green Nigerian network when their Internet service went AWOL for almost three weeks out of my one month subscription.

Before you subscribe to that data plan there are certain factors that you should consider first. I’ll quickly go through some of them.

Where you are located is usually the most important determinant of whether you should subscribe to a data plan on a particular network or not.

Sometimes the least expected network operator might have a more stellar Internet service than your preferred network provider at your location.

To solve this issue, ask and consult with people in and around your location. Alternatively, you could test several networks yourself by getting their respective SIM cards to see what each network’s internet service at your location is like.

Purchase a test plan
To carry out a test to see which network operator has good internet service for your location, you should always purchase a test plan of say 10MB to see how speedy and consistent the internet service is.

This will enable you save money on a bigger subscription in case the network under performs so you don’t have to be stuck with crappy Internet service.

You can find details of internet plans on each network’s website.

How much data do you really need?
This is both a question of cost and of your Internet usage pattern. You have to look at the amount of money you are willing to allocate for internet use monthly and how frequent/heavy your internet usage is. The trick is to find the balance.

After knowing your limits both cost and usage wise, you can now find a suitable data plan on the network that works best in your location.

Subscribe away!
If you have followed the above steps, you can now subscribe knowing that you made an informed decision that will favour you and make you more productive. It is no guarantee that things will not go awry from time to time, but at least it reduces the chances of major disappointments.

You are welcome to submit a comment to share your experiences, to ask a question, or to add more information to help others with getting better mobile internet experiences.

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