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What To Do If You Misplace Your iPhone, iPad, or iPod

Apple products are pretty expensive, and it might hurt if you, unfortunately, misplace your iPhone, but even in a situation such as this, all hope is not lost. What do I mean? When one misplaces a device the device itself might not be of total concern to the owner, its content might just be worth more than the device. Certainly, you have sensitive information on your device, may be relating to your bank, work or family, you will not want this information to get into the wrong hands. If you use an iPhone, this article is tailored not only to help you find your iPhone, but also to protect the sensitive information it contains.


We talked about what you can do if you misplaced your AirPods in this article, but what can be done if you misplace your iPhone? Two factors are to be considered, the first being if the iPhone was kept carelessly and second if it was stolen. The first situation mentioned requires a rather calm approach, whereas the second situation needs an immediate and decisive response. Whichever approach you are taking, one determining factor is your iPhones operating system, always ensure that your iPhone is up-to-date. Keeping your iPhone updated at all times not only protects you from software vulnerabilities that can be exploited, but also keeps you on the safe side just in case you misplace your iPhone.

If You Misplace Your iPhone, Take The Following Steps

What To Do If You Misplace Your iPhone. How can you find your iPhone if you misplace it?

The steps we will consider here will come in three forms, which are both preventive and corrective. The first step will delve into what you can do before you misplace your iPhone, or it gets stolen, I will advise that you act on that right away. The second step will focus on how you can find your iPhone. These steps will help you to easily locate your iPhone in any event of you misplacing it. The third step is what we call “immediate and decisive response” that you need to take if you are unable to retrieve your device, and there is a chance that it has fallen into other hands. 

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Before Your iPhone Goes Missing, Do These

Enable “Find My” on your iPhone. This should be one of the first features you should enable on your iPhone once you get it. It helps you to locate your iPhone in case you misplace it, this feature is in your device settings. To enable it to take the following steps:


  • Set up your iCloud account on your iPhone, once you do this the “Find My” feature is automatically set up.
  • Go to settings and tap on your name.
  • Now, tap on “Find My” and then open the Find my iPhone tab.
  • Ensure that all the options are toggled on (“Find my iPhone”, “Find my network” and “Send Last” location).

Ensure you share your location with a family member or friend

What To Do If You Misplace Your iPhone, iPad, or iPod

This will make it easier to trace your iPhone in case you misplace it. They will also be able to find you through their iPhone in case of any emergency.


  • Open the Find My app on your iPhone.
  • Select the People tab, enable share my location.
  • Enter the name of the person you want to share your location with (as saved on your iPhone contacts).
  • Select send and choose the option to share indefinitely, then press OK.

If You Misplace Your iPhone, Trace It With A Family Or Friend’s iPhone

This will only work if you took the step above to ensure you share your location with a friend or friend. Now, on their iPhone, open the Find My app and select devices on the bottom panel. Your device will be displayed now tap on it to see where it is and also directions on how to find it.

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But, if you are not comfortable sharing your location with anyone, then you can still trace your iPhone with another iPhone. Open the Find My app, tap on me, select Help a friend. This will take you to the Safari browser. Input the necessary information on your iPhone and start tracing it.


What If You Cannot Find Your iPhone?

Here, you need to take more decisive action. This is because your personal information is stored on your iPhone. If all hope might be lost regarding getting your iPhone back, and you just need to protect your privacy, it is time to act to preserve your personal information and data. 

The first thing you can do here is to mark your device as lost. This will lock your iPhone so that it can not be accessed by anyone. To be on the safe side, I will advise that you do this the moment you confirm that your iPhone is missing, and you are not at home. To mark your device as lost, on your family or friend’s iPhone that you are sharing your location with, tap on your iPhone and mark the device as lost. Now you can continue your search for the device knowing that no one can access your private information.

The second thing you can do is to erase your iPhone data. This should be the last option after you must have searched for your iPhone to no avail. On your friend’s iPhone, open the Find My app and select your iPhone and tap on the “Erase This Device” option (you can also do this from the help a friend option).

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The above measures work not just for iPhone, but also iPad and iPod.

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