What to do if your MTN internet auto configuration isn’t working

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You have bought a spanking new phone and popped in your MTN Nigeria SIM card. By default, MTN auto-configures the internet settings for you. Which is a very good thing. But sometimes, the settings do not work and you get a connection error when trying to browse or do other stuff online.

The solution is simple. Here’s what to do.open the Settings menu on your smartphone.

1. On Android, select More – Mobile Network – Access Point Names.

APNs are the settings that let your device use your mobile network’s internet service. The path to follow to get to the APN list is slightly different on Windows Phone, BlackBerry, and iPhone, but isn’t difficult to find out.

2. Regardless of what OS your device runs, get to Access Point Names list and you should see the one named “MTN GPRS” enabled. Tap it to open.

3. Look for “Proxy” and “Port” and clear both fields i.e. remove whatever is in there and leave them empty, then save the APN before exiting. Make sure not to tamper with anything else.

Your connection should work now. Happy internet experience on the MTN network.

PS: this won’t work if your smartphone or tablet is locked to another network, so ensure that your device is unlocked.


  1. What if the settings is not in the phone. Just click on add new. In apn name type mtn and then go to apn and type web.gprs.mtnnigeria.net and save. Viola you are ready to start surfing

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