What To Do When Your Dad Joins Twitter

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Here is a sterling example of what to do when your dad signs up on Twitter:

I presume that same treatment applies to moms, bosses, lecturers, landlords, etc; right? Errr…husbands, wives, side chicks, etc, etc, nko? *Runs away*


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  1. My husband is on Twitter, he follows but doesnt allow people to follow him. Likewise my sister (though I usually read the tweets on her phone :D)

    People must know what they are doing – and what they dont want people to see – when they decide to block family.

  2. My dad (very tech savvy and very Hype for his age- 53) joined facebook back wen it was all the rage.for some reason when i accepted his request i didnt check the name really well .Which is not me at all.

    fast forward 2 hours later> i though to myself …. wait…a min,….OMG!!!! Its….. checked fb…..”Jesu’, its dad”…

    Next step? text ” Att:dad is on face book” …cc 22 cousins…

    what happened at the next FAMILY meeting was my dad lamenting he couldnt find any of his nephews on face book… and they having to say… they were trying something different…read>twitter!


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