In the spirit of giving and sharing, here’s a bonus tip from me – a very secret recipe of mine for cooling down your mobile

What To Do When Your Phone Gets Hot

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In the spirit of giving and sharing, here’s a bonus tip from me – a very secret recipe of mine for cooling down your mobile phone (smartphone or feature phone) when it heats up. This technique has been well guarded for years and I am about to give it to you just like that! The things Christmas makes us do!!

First of all here is the list of things you will need :

  • A hot phone (I mean your phone actually needs to get hot before you need to cool it down, no?)
  • Sachet Water A.K.A Pure Water (In Nigeria, its called “Pure Water”, even if the water is not so pure)
  • Some patience

So, you have an over-heating phone? First thing you need do is get a semi-cold sachet of pure water, and place the hot phone on it. Simple right? I know! Here is an example image below:


And just like that, your phone will start to calm the heck down. Remember that this technique has been kept a secret for so long, so please try not to pass it around too much. Okay? Seasons greetings from yours truly. Enjoy the holidays! 🙂

Note: If you do want to know why your phone heats up unnecessarily, you can head on over to this post titled Why your smartphone heats up and what to do.


  1. Wasnt expecting this at all. Thought you were going to say one should close running apps, especially ones not needed. Good to know this new method though.

  2. @Belushi, i thought this is supposed to be a joke. – the pure water thing, or am I missing something,?

    HUMOR misunderstood?

  3. You are right, that is what I do, especially when I switch to 3G and an in area of low connectivity. Good tips.

  4. hmmm, interesting…
    i guess Nigerians should sue Nokia for infringing on our intellectual property abi where else did they get the idea for the wireless charging pillow?

  5. I ve been doing the same thing for about a year now. Perhaps its the abundance of pure water in most homes that prompted the experiment.

  6. Was happy when I saw d topic,I grew more excited when I saw that it was a black berry 9320 which was used for demostration cos mi 9320 gets so hot I fear it wil xplode sumtyms

  7. I used to put mine in the refrigerator(connected to power source) for some time. It’s actually risky to undertake but with close monitoring, nothing might go wrong.

    I think I’ll try the sachet water tip. Seems almost everyone’s doing it.

    ** Thumps Up **

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