What To Do When Your Phone Gets Hot

In the spirit of giving and sharing, here’s a bonus tip from me – a very secret recipe of mine for cooling down your mobile phone (smartphone or feature phone) when it heats up. This technique has been well guarded for years and I am about to give it to you just like that! The things Christmas makes us do!!

First of all here is the list of things you will need :

  • A hot phone (I mean your phone actually needs to get hot before you need to cool it down, no?)
  • Sachet Water A.K.A Pure Water (In Nigeria, its called “Pure Water”, even if the water is not so pure)
  • Some patience

So, you have an over-heating phone? First thing you need do is get a semi-cold sachet of pure water, and place the hot phone on it. Simple right? I know! Here is an example image below:


And just like that, your phone will start to calm the heck down. Remember that this technique has been kept a secret for so long, so please try not to pass it around too much. Okay? Seasons greetings from yours truly. Enjoy the holidays! 🙂

Note: If you do want to know why your phone heats up unnecessarily, you can head on over to this post titled Why your smartphone heats up and what to do.

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