It was December 2011, the white Nokia C5 lay at the table. Giving it a pale gaze with an air of nostalgia, I picked it

What was it like? Your first full touch screen experience

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Nokia N8
It was December 2011, the white Nokia C5 lay at the table. Giving it a pale gaze with an air of nostalgia, I picked it up turned it to its side and admired its fineness and sleek periphery. It was the near perfect phone then, packing all the good specs except the absence of WiFi.

The physical buttons it had then was the in-thing, soft with no creaking squeaky feedback sound. A Nokia N8 was gifted to me hence the older phone had to go. By that time, owning/carrying 2 (smart) phones was more like a taboo. The C5 was sold in no time and what was left with me was a black beautiful slab. This was a time when ‘keyboard’ phones were still in vogue, and while wielding a full touchscreen phone, you get that Who-is-this-one kinda look. The curious ones will see it and ask, “How do you manage to type on a full touch screen”.

Being me, a platform agnostic ardent phone presser, ever seeking the next best gadget to explore, what could be so bad than to fiddle the innards of an uncommon phone like the N8. The phone then, was awesome. Coming with a 12MP camera, Carl Zeis Technology, and Xenon flash. It was the best camera phone and I enjoyed the photographic experience it afforded me.

But there was a catch. Coming from physical keyboards, the rushed move to full touch screen was kinda husky and unprepared for.

Handling and dexterity suffered. Doing some things were burdensome. Copying/pasting text, moving cursors, navigating around text input boxes. Finding ‘options’ button in some scenarios was difficult at times. That physical haptic feedback, and tactile response while typing was just missing.

One thing was sure, the phone won’t last as my daily driver. First time adjusting to typing on a full touch screen wasn’t easy coupled with the stock keyboard app the N8 came with. Discovering Swype was a bit of a relief on tap typing, though I never dared to swipe with it.

Maybe the experience would have been different if my first full touch screen device was an Android. Point is, I didn’t really click with full touch screen phones at first try. What was your first experience like?

  1. My first touch screen experience was with the Sony Ericsson P800 which combined a hardware keyboard with a touch screen which u needed a stylus to use. I never really enjoyed using the device then particularly the touch experience. My experiences with the P910i and P900 were better but nowhere close to what we have today.

  2. My first experience was my Blackberry 9860. Fantastic phone but didn’t last as long as i wished. since that phone i vowed not to buy any phone with keypad anymore. Replaced my side phone with a Tecno dual sim touch screen phone and the main one with Blackberry Z30.

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