Given a chance to pick between the Bold Touch 9900 (left) the Torch 9810 (right), which would I choose? Actually, I have used both devices,

What Would Be My Choice Between The BlackBerry 9810 And 9900

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Given a chance to pick between the Bold Touch 9900 (left) the Torch 9810 (right), which would I choose? Actually, I have used both devices, and my experiences with them are the reason for this post.

The basic understanding is that the two are essentially the same under the hood – Blackberry OS 7, 1.2 GHz processor, 768 MB RAM, 8GB internal storage, 5 megapixel camera, 720P video recording, GSM/EDGE/3G/HSDPA/HSUPA.

The Differences

  • Form Factor: The 9900 is a bar, while the Torch 9810 has a slider QWERTY
  • Display: The 9900 has a 2.8 inch display, while the Torch 9810 has a bigger 3.2 inch display
  • Battery: The 9900 has a 1230 mAh battery, while the Torch 9810 has a 1270 mAh unit
  • Camera: The 9900’s camera is fixed focus, while the Torch 9810’s camera is an autofocus unit
  • NFC: The 9900 has NFC on board, while the Torch 9810 does not have it

My Choice?
Initially, I was leaning towards the 9810 because of the slightly larger display, bigger battery and the autofocus camera. However, over time, I have found myself longing for the more compact form of the 9900, though I will have to settle for poorer battery life and a slightly smaller display. Perhaps having the PlayBook means that a large display on mobile is no longer essential. Perhaps not.

Oh, then there’s still the nagging WordPress app issue. WordPress for BlackBerry still does not make a connection on my 9810 though I had no issues with it on the 9900. This hampers my productivity in some way and could be a strong influence in my current leanings.

Given a choice, which of the two will be your choice?


  1. I’d go with the Blackberry Torch 9810, the screen wins for me and the convenience of a large touchscreen can’t be overstressed. Itt’s best of both worlds a physical keyboard and a usable touchscreen.

  2. I am battling with a similar dilemma but, given a choice, I would choose the 9900. Despite its shortcomings, it’s lighter and easier to use with one hand.

    The larger screen on the 9810 is beautiful though.

  3. @Udegbunam
    Of course I know you would rout for the 9900, why won’t you? Lol

    Mister mobility smaller battery does not necessarily mean poorer battery life. In this case, the 9810 has a larger screen so will most likely consume more power. Hence the slight difference in the battery capacity may not translate into longer battery life. I don’t know what the real life situation is.
    Having said that. I’m a sucker for large and touch screen, so I would settle for the 981000

  4. I go with the 9900; it looks more professional and compact.
    Am I the only one that feels the 9810 is feminine?

  5. @Desy: no they won’t. Na to go buy the new BB 10. I don even start contribution with my co-workers sef against BB10 launch. With the 100k I’ll be getting from the contribution plus a little extra I should be able to get my own 😀

  6. Credit where credit is due, I find the 9810 folded is quite easy to type on without the need to slide out the keyboard (reminds me of the HTC Wildfire in that respect).

  7. 9810 of course. I love the bigger screen and improved battery life. I used a samsung galaxy s before this 9810, so I’m used to big screen estate on phones. The 9900 screen is just too small.

  8. @Seyi NFC (Near Field Communication) is another contactless form of communication, I’d like to say similar to Bluetooth but not as faffy, and uses a shorter range to transmit information. It’s a chip that’s usually in the back case of a device, though I’ve read somewhere there is also some kind of NFC connection in batteries as well.

    Because NFC is deemed as being more secure and supports encryption, it is used to transmit information, like two phones exchanging contact details; to carry out financial transactions instead of using a card or cash; even sharing files and photos. I’ve seen posters and adverts that is NFC-enabled. I assume it’s a bit like a barcode though I’ve never tried it. Instead of scanning the code you either have to wave or touch your mobile phone to the other NFC-enabled device.

    Although NFC is in use in some places more than others (Japan for example), it isn’t as widely adopted yet, but that could change. I think Blackberry are one of the few device manufacturers that have introduced the most devices with NFC worldwide. With other manufacturers, it exists on phones in some countries but not others (e.g. a Samsung Galaxy S2 in the USA may have it while the same device released in the UK won’t).

  9. I’d take the 9810, I prefer the fact a phone that lets me read more. Besides which the 9900 width seems to somehow put me off though you have a great point on its being more compact.

  10. I will take 9900…compact and gets †?? job done..but with mister_mobility’s claim about battery life..its 9810 no doubt

  11. hmmm i think u need to use both phones in order to make an informed judgement. Currently using 9810 and loving it.
    I don’t have any use for NFC presently. In addition 9810 is cheaper.
    Dr chuks send me your 9900

  12. @ Mr Mobility_ I just updated my 9900 on Sunday and now have mobile hotspot. Could confirm and let know how I can explore it

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