For years, Yahoo Messenger was my default messaging service. For donkey years! But to each its time and season. Eventually, it just became a chore

What Would Happen If I Got Off WhatsApp?

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For years, Yahoo Messenger was my default messaging service. For donkey years! But to each its time and season. Eventually, it just became a chore having to login to be able to send and receive messages. Perhaps now, I have only one or two active contacts left on Yahoo Messenger. It has largely become a ghost town to me.

I have been on Skype for quite a while too, but it never became a steady messaging channel for me. I use Skype about 4 to 6 times a year. Yes; only when absolutely necessary and then I forget about it till the next time.

In recent times, I used Gtalk too, but it never caught on. It never came close to the peak of engagement that I had on Messenger.

There’s also Facebook Messenger. I have never been a fan of this channel either. I have a handful of personal contacts here, but beyond that, its up-hum for me despite Facebook’s huge user base.

While I had a BlackBerry, I used BlackBerry Messenger extensively, but we all know the limitations of that platform. I could only stay in touch with other BB users, and as soon as I was off BB, puff!

WhatsApp is easy. Like BBM, there is no need to login. Launch it and go. It is always on 24/7, as long as your internet service is active. Once you already have someone’s mobile number, if they are already on WhatsApp, instant connection. WhatsApp has become my default messaging app, such that it’s availability is a factor in choosing a smartphone for my daily use. If a mobile platform lacks WhatsApp, I’m just likely to ignore it for personal use.

Most of the communications that I used to do via phone call, SMS, Yahoo Messenger, Gtalk and Skype have been moved to WhatsApp. Chances are that if a fairly close contact is not on WhatsApp, communication between us drops significantly.

This morning, I wondered what life would be like should I get off WhatsApp. Perhaps I could just disable or uninstall it, or switch to a device that has no support for the app. What would happen? Withdrawal symptoms? My phone ringing off the hook daily? Voice and SMS spending shooting through the roof? Or perhaps, a relatively more peaceful life with more time on my hands for other things?

I don’t know for sure, but I am crazy enough to try it out.


  1. There certainly would be those withdrawal thingy at first, but with Skype and if you can get enough of your close contacts to install Skype, you will certainly survive.

    The problem with this class of apps is that the number of your contacts using their service or ready to use it affects its usefulness. I once installed 2GO for Android and have a good number of contacts there, but I installed it eventually because of the very poor UX of the app. The app behaves like it is developed for non-touchscreen java phones and ported directly to Android without modification.

  2. This is also a worry for me, hence my worry about how to renew the subscription after mine expires in April. If I can’t get it renewed I will have to abandon instant messaging really.

  3. Well, from the new BBM for OS10, its possible that since you no longer BIS to BBM then BBM will come to other Platforms.

  4. I use whatsapp a lot on my GS3 and iPhone 5. It’s a pity it’s not available for ipad I would have installed it there too. But I realized that a lot of my peeps are still stuck to BBM even though BlackBerry phones support whatsapp. The problem with whatsapp on BlackBerry is that the UI is horrible, that’s why it’s more popular among Android and iPhone users. As a backup, I use yahoo messenger, BBM on blackberry good old SMS

  5. @ Zilosxp
    Renewing your whatsapp subscription should not be a problem. I renewed mine using my GTB naira master card.

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