What would you do with a 12-SIM smartphone?

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Chinko phone with 4 SIM slots

You have seen dual-SIm phones. Perhaps triple-SIM ones. A thin possibility for four-SIM mobiles (pictured above). Now, imagine a phone with 12 SIM slots. Disclaimer: If your head short-circuits from trying to, Mobility or its agents and writers cannot be held responsible.

Still, if the idea intrigues you, what exactly would you do with a 12-SIM smartphone. A few people already suggested Yahoo-Yahoo. Over to you!

PS: There are rumours that one manufacturer has plans for a 12-SIM phone. Shhhhhhh.


  1. The Inimitable Harry Echemco said he would use it as SIM card holder, and use the phone as a feature phone.

    I currently use a matchbox…

    Pretty convenient

    Now, since I have eight, that seems like a brilliant idea…hmm

  2. I’m wondering what the battery life will be like on that 12-SIM phone. I can bet it will be disappointing!

    On the other hand, apart from Yahoo-Yahoo, you can pretend to be a company and those are the 12 company lines. Okay, what’s the difference between Yahoo-Yahoo and pretending to be a company with 12 lines?

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