In January 2011, I wrote my piece, Recognise Nigeria or Take a Walk, in response to the situation back then in which major smartphone players

Whatever your preferred mobile OS is, MobilityNigeria has you covered

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In January 2011, I wrote my piece, Recognise Nigeria or Take a Walk, in response to the situation back then in which major smartphone players except Nokia were snobbing support for Nigeria while expecting our people to buy their handsets. What was the point of selling smartphones to us if we can’t purchase apps to maximise the smartphone experience?

In my article, I announced MobilityNigeri’s campaign to largely ignore those who were guilty of ignoring us. It was a move to better the lot of the Nigerian smartphone user in general.

Since then, a lot has changed. 48 hours after that article, the BlackBerry AppWorld was opened to Nigeria, and just a few weeks ago, the Android Market was opened up too.

At the last count, a total of three (3) major players were actively supporting Nigeria – Nokia/Symbian, Blackberry, and Android. These 3 platforms make up over 70% of the global smartphone market.

With Nokia’s strategic partnership with Microsoft, we expect to see WindowsPhone join and boost those ranks, so more is still on the way. Apple has been paying Nigeria some attention of late, with a section on their site dedicated to us (though the Nigerian section only officially lists the iPod, Mac, and iTunes). Still, Nigerians are able to signup for iTunes and download free apps for their iPhones and iPads. Some others with international credit cards are able to make purchases.

In my opinion, our point has been made and our objective achieved. Things are looking good for Nigeria in the mobile smartphone ecosystem. Nigeria is no longer ignored in the grand scheme of things. Also, with the recent transition of MobilityNigeria’s focus from just Nigeria to global happenings, it is time to loosen up again and put aside our blacklist.

As such, our readers can expect news, articles and reviews covering any mobile platform (even one like WebOS that has no footprint in Nigeria at all). Whatever your preferred platform is – Android, Symbian, BlackBerry, iOS, Windows Phone, WebOS, or Bada – MobilityNigeria has you covered.

The number 1 Nigerian blog just got more exciting. Let’s go there!

  1. @Yomi, i believe you have taken the right decision because i remember i was not fully in support of the site’s decision then because i felt it was not really tackling the issue.

    Nigeria’s exemption from online ecommerce participation is not limited to just the mobile companies, in fact, until very recently, companies that deal with Nigerians are an exemption and not the norm.

    It is very sad, i honestly wish things (and we!) can change for the better.

    Nigeria – Giant of Africa! Yeah, right!

  2. So how come the upcoming WWDC/Apple event has not been mentioned yet? It’s supposed to be a big event launching the new iOS 5 and Mac OS plus Cloud offerings of Apple! I know Nigeria probably has a negligible Mac/iOS population but I’m a big fan! 😉

  3. Bayuze, the floor is yours. You can as well let us into the happenings towards the event as an apple fan. I read about the event some days back but I am not such an apple enthusiast . will love to learn from you though.

  4. Bayuze,

    If you find that something is missing in our coverage, you are welcome to tip us off by email, providing the news item and links.

    The forums are also open, so you can do some citizens reporting and help generate buzz on a subject or event.

    All these are part and parcel of the MobilityNigeria community.



  6. Amazon accepts Nigerian cards, on a case by case basis. I shop there.

    Paypal will never, alternatives are becoming increasingly popular.

  7. @Yomi. What about mameo for the N900 users. I need also to tell you that you are doing a great job this is coming from a 40+ female married phone gadget (phone) lover.

  8. Peju,

    We cover Maemo here as well. There are articles on Maemo and the N900 in our archives (I have owned the N900 twice, great device). The search form will help you locate them. Feel free to start your own Maemo and N900 discussions in the forums.

    Thanks for the commendations. Glad to hear your feedback.

  9. Tee,

    I know for certain that there are a handful of Bada users here. I once owned a WebOS device – the Palm Pre. But it’s long gone now.

    Feel free to create discussions around the OS of your choice in the forums, and expect other users to join in.


  10. It great to know this and I must say that Mobility deserves some credit. I even noticed that Mobility posted the news about Android Mrt showing supported device b4 Engadget.

    The other thing I will like to share is that you can use iTunes Gift Card to buy stuffs on iTunes and I have been enjoying it. Not just apps and books, I have been renting movies and buying songs (silly me has downloaded both free and paid apps which I will use on my yet to buy iPad2).

    Seriously, the only Apple Device I have is an Apple TV backed up by iTunes on my Laptop (download on PC and do homesharing to Apple TV) and I am already lost in the Apple Wonderland.

    Seriously, Apple should be a case study for the ‘Benefits of an Eco System’ and I am happy to know that smart CEOs like Stephen Elop &Steve Ballmer have also realized this.

  11. Bosun99uk,

    I use Apple gift cards for making purchases on my 3GS and iPad. Work well. As a matter of fact, we are exploring the possibility of selling gift cards for the benefit of other iOS users who need a means of payment.

    And thanks for the appreciation of the efforts we put into running this site. Cheers.

  12. You r very much welcome.

    And it will be great to get the cards on Mobility Nigeria.

  13. Great movement on the front of getting Nigeria recognized in the mobile computing/ communication world.

    Finally i think you should write something on the emerging procurement service businesses in Nigeria. we are beginning to see a lot of competition in this arena and we welcome a market place where good service and price is recognized.

    Comment edited to remove advertising content. Advertising not allowed in comments. Thanks 😉 – Editor

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