What's been your experience with remote working?

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In simple terms, the term “remote working” refers to the practice of working at a distance from a conventional office, using internet services to maintain contact and access work.

I live and work in Lagos, one of the most chaotic and life-sapping cities on planet Earth. In Lagos, anything can happen. A 30-minute journey can stretch into 3 hours. Not only does your precious time get wasted, you are stressed, and spend more fueling your car. I shall not tantalise you further with all the other possible scenarios that often pop-up between your home and the office, or on the return journey.

As such, remote working makes sense in a place like Lagos. Imagine the bliss of not having to crawl through the nasty rush hour traffic each day. Some of the well-documented benefits of remote working are:

  • reduced stress and increased personal productivity
  • reduced stress on environmental resources
  • lower business overheads

I have worked remotely for many years, as have some of my employees, where possible. All that is often required is an internet connection and a terminal device – PC, tablet, and/or smartphone. So far, it has been a pleasant and fruitful experience for us, and we very much intent to push the boundaries further.

Have you had any experience with remote working? What has it been like for you? Have you run into any demerits and disadvantages that may steer you away from remote working?

  1. I have no problem with remote working, the issue is with unreliable internet connections. The frustration is better imagined than experienced.

  2. Remote Working has many more pros than cons I have found. Not only do you gain more freedom in your worklife, but also in your domestic life too. I now feel I can live literally anywhere I choose. Life has more options in all kinds of ways.

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