Going down memory lane about a year to three ago, one remembers a handful of websites owned and run by Nigerians that were dedicated to

What’s happening to Nigeria’s mobile-focused sites?

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Going down memory lane about a year to three ago, one remembers a handful of websites owned and run by Nigerians that were dedicated to the cause of mobile phones and services.

One of the very earliest was the MobileNigeria discussion forum at www.mobilenigeria.com, which was later shut down by its administrator so as to pursue the Nairaland dream.

Then there was GoSmartMobile.com, a personal project of Yomi Adegboye, one of the foremost voices in the field of mobility in Nigeria today. The site was a hit, even attracting the attention of a few top officials in the telecoms sector. Unfortunately, the domain name was lost in a painful domain renewal crisis.

Phonerism (www.phonerism.com) showed up, also a personal project of a mobile enthusiast. Today, that site too is down and off the playing field.

GSM Today (www.gsm-today.com) was a very successful website in its days. It was owned and run by well-known GSM enthusiast, John Sagai Adams who is based in Abuja. While Yomi Adegboye’s GoSmartMobile.com focused more on mobile data, GSM Today was grassroots-oriented, providing everything from tips on how to activate voicemail to how to make money from GSM technology and services.

Sadly, GSM Today is no more functional. Like the others, it has been consigned to history.

What is happening to websites dedicated to mobile technology? Why do they show up, flourish, then just drop off the cliff? Are there any other mobile-oriented websites run by Nigerians out there, and what are the chances that those too won’t end up as history?


  1. The loss of GoSmartMobile.com was a huge one for me.

    I do hope that we get to see a few other sites step up to the plate. There’s GoMobileNg.com by Mr. Emmanuel Okoegwale, who is an authority on mobile marketing. The site is still under construction, but I am watching it closely.

    For now, we have MobilityArena.com, and we can ensure it stays up and running, churning out information on "all things mobile in Nigeria".

  2. as an old hand…i remember all these sites. really miss them too. guess we all got caught up in different things.

    can you expatiate more on how you lost GoSmartMobile.com so that we can learn a thing or two?

  3. Hi trae,

    While I no longer remember all the details any more, GoSmartMobile was lost because of a registrar that I had billing issues with many years ago. Scenario: you’ve been doing business with a business for months or years without issues, and then suddenly your card is rejected. Stuck.

    Anyway, I got caught in one of those, and could not renew the domain name. The rest is history. GoSmartMobile belongs to someone else today.

  4. Mobilenigeria.com is owned by Seun Osewa. He also owns nairaland.com and he has integrated mobilenigeria into nairaland.

    Type mobilenigeria.com into your url box and you’ll be automatically directed to the homepage of nairaland.

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