The curious case of the TECNO Boom J7

The TECNO Boom J7 is a very interesting device. We reviewed it on Mobility and found it to be a capable media-centric device, and something that should appeal to every music loving Nigerian. We’ve seen the hype all over social media, also campaigns with celebrities like Dammy Krane etc.Even Mister Mo himself has acknowledged the Boom J7

…is a revolution for TECNO in terms of look, feel and user experience.

This phone offers a lovely display, good performance, superb sound production, coupled with the new music app -(Boom Player) that lets users find and download their favorite music, as well as get the lyrics of those tracks. Despite all these and the decent camera, something seems off.

We can hype, but this doesn’t always translate to actual popularity, or rather sales. The funny/tricky thing is: I haven’t seen anyone using this device. I still haven’t heard or seen anyone say anything about this device.

Okay, I went to Nairaland to have a peep and realized the discussion thread of this device is very scanty. Having only 10 pages of discussion is bad for a device that has been around for more than 4 months now. That’s unlike other TECNO devices, even less publicized ones command more discussion pages. Something must be wrong somewhere.

TECNO Boom J7 front

After a little brainstorming session in-house we came up with a few pointers on what may be wrong with the Boom J7:

  1. It dawned on us that the Boom J7 is lesser specced compared to other devices within it’s price segment. Look at the Infinix Hot Note/Hot Note Pro, Innjoo Note Pro etc. They offer better specs at almost same price with the Boom J7.
  2. We realized that the Boom J7 is more expensive than what competition is offering for the same price or even lesser.
  3. All test/review samples of the Boom J7 were in pink. Most of the pictures of this device online is in pink. This is bad for marketing. Tell me how many techy guys will buy a pink colored phone for himself. Putting out only pink makes people assume that’s the only color available, thereby putting people off.

Finally, while the TECNO Boom J7 is a ‘Wow’ device, it neither ‘wows’ in specs nor in price. Instead, it wows in terms of design, music and video capabilities. It is without doubt a capable all-round, mid-tier smartphone with a focus on entertainment.

Do you use the Boom J7? Do you know anyone using the Boom J7? Your thoughts?

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