It all started sometime a few weeks ago… Advertisement The first issue was that on making a connection to the MTN internet service, it would


What’s up with MTN mobile internet?

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It all started sometime a few weeks ago…


The first issue was that on making a connection to the MTN internet service, it would often take as long as 3-5 minutes before the connection allowed you to browse. Pages simply would not load during this mandatory pause.

That was sorted out after about three weeks of this nagging issue.


Then about two weeks ago, many MTN mobile internet subscribers simply found out that they couldn’t browse at all. Again, this was solved after a number of days.

Almost immediately on the heels of that, I noticed that several mobile applications could no longer connect to the internet, including Gmail mobile, Nokia Ovi Store, and Windows Live. Others are reporting the same with Opera Mini. Perhaps the Opera Mini issue is not a deliberate blockage by MTN but a fallout of a bigger problem? Or perhaps this bigger problem is part of the result of MTN trying to block off illegal free browsing. Who knows?


But this is all becoming unbearable.

Then, it became next-to-impossible to load any secure site on my mobile browser via MTN.

To cap it all, from last Friday, some websites just do not load on MTN’s internet connection any longer – whether directly on mobile or via PC. Those sites are not experiencing server downtime, because they load on some other ISP connections.


These last three problems have remained unsolved till now. Does anyone know what is really going on with MTN mobile internet?

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  2. Infact, it is unfortunate that MTN being the largest mobile net work in Nigeria both in terms of coverage and subscriber base, with numerous mast base stations and optical fibre cable laid all over the country can not be able to provide an effective , efficient and above all secured internet broadband to its data starving customers while a just in new Comer (Etisalat) is offering its increasing customer a steady and secured EDGE data services whenever, wherever ,even though it only has few mast base station installed. One wonder what it would have been if they had their optical fibre cable laid.Perhaps, they might have rolled out 3G,/UMTS/WIMAX….if given the license.MTN need to do better than that, at least for being the official sponsor of 2010 senior world cup. Or how is it preparing to present it powers to the world.

  3. Mr Yom, I have found that the key to constant internet connection in Nigeria is to have ALTERNATIVEs!

    I have had my heartbreaks trying to determine just which ISP to flow with, but the experience of a friend (which is typical) is illustrative:

    How do you explain a situation where you pay for a bandwidth and you are continually
    being short-changed. This cuts accross all platforms. From VSAT to the so narrow
    Broad-bands, WiMAX and dial-ups. All of them are guilty. From the full ISPs to the GSM and CDMA operators, I have not seen any of them that is not guilty of this.

    The last time I subscribed for MTN 1 month 24/7 slot, I only used it for 3 days before (as they announced on radio) their fiber optic cable was damaged during Lekki road
    construction. Nothing was done.

    Zain removed my sim from their network with 1 month of legitimate subscription on it. I only used it once. No solution.

    I’ve been using DOPC WiMAX. It is supposed to be 24/7 but it works only in the night. There was a time it did not work at all for 3 weeks.

    This are only my personal experiences. If I start writing that of my clients (on the
    corporate level, including VSAT deals) I’ll write a book.

    You can sense the anger and frustration…

    Like I stated above, the solution is to get your connection and get your work done by using any ISP that works @ any particular moment, by whatever means..

    We pray we get there one day (in terms of sterling internet connectivity)

  4. EyeBeeKay,

    True. I came to that conclusion too years ago. At any point in time, I have standby options, usually pre-paid mobile networks options, because of the ease of deployment (load airtime – activate – use – store away when done).

    It is a crazy scenario. Really crazy.

  5. Just noticed I made a mistake with the email address submitted with my previous post (I put ‘’ instead of ‘’.

    Since the error was not detected, it shows the email addresses are not validated. Would it not be a home idea to automatically validated as part of the consideration for comment publishing?) . Something similar to what offers..

  6. EyeBeeKaay,

    Such email verification is not built into WordPress, and I do not know of any plugin that provides the functionality. The only other way to enforce email verification is to require that users register before they can submit comments. Unfortunately, that usually drives people away.

    PS: I modified the email addresses in your comment above to protect you from SPAM.

  7. I agree with eyebekay: all the ISP’s are more or else reaping us off. I’v used glo, mtn, multilinks, DOPC and the likes- never enjoyed what I was paying for. Would have thought the NCC would have acted but….. .

  8. This only strengthens my resolve to sticks to their 2,500 night browsing plan. I can’t afford to fork out 10,000 naira and have them misbehave @ will without any compensation thereafter. I sure do miss the attitude of the Western folks to matters like this. Before lawsuits start emerging, they would have found ways to placate 90% of their affected customers.

    Has anyone ever attempted dragging these goats to court? This do as you like business in Naija is really killing us slowly and that’s a fact.

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