Advertisement On a regular basis, Infinix and Innjoo promise free data with the purchase of specific devices from Jumia Nigeria. You hear something like “3GB


What’s up with the free data bundled with Innjoo and Infinix devices?

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On a regular basis, Infinix and Innjoo promise free data with the purchase of specific devices from Jumia Nigeria. You hear something like “3GB free for 12 months”, “2015MB free data”, or some other free offer. Well, one mobilista says that he has made four purchases and not gotten the promised data:


Here’s another complaint:


I am aware that some buyers of the Infinix Hot Note had trouble activating the free MTN data that was bundled.. At some point, it was supposedly resolved and what buyers needed to do was text “Infinix” to 131 for new MTN subscribers and ‘Free” to 131 for existing MTN subscribers.

Have you purchased any smartphone from these brands with the promise of free data and gotten the data? If yes, what did you have to do to get the freebie? Do share, perhaps the info can be of help to others facing issues. If you didn’t get the free data…well, tell us your experience as well.

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  2. The buyers of this phone that belongs to free browsing cheat forum are the once causing this wahala, when they buy a new phone with ds offer they l go give out thier imei and off it goes tweaking starts, you may have seen them giving out 9 digit imei dahs working you l randomly put 5 numbers to make the imei 14 and you l auto generate the last digit with imei analyzer. All you need do next is change the imei of ur fone to that you v generated via mobile uncle and send any of this commands like SAMSUNG, MIFI, FREE, INFINIX to 131, off it goes you got ur 3gb without buying any of this phone that came wf the offer.
    I bought infinix hot note new one that came wf ds offer, em no gree gimme ma promo bonus, I checked ma imei, I saw the difference BTW both imei (sim1&2) is jes d last 2 digit, I said no wonder.

  3. Bought the Innjoo One from Jumia last week. After sending FREE to 131 as required to get the free 3gb, nothing happened. I had to tweet at Jumia. They then requested for my imei no, order no and phone no. I DMed to them to avoid exposing my imei to those boys. I got the 3gb data after some hours.

  4. Our IMEI boys are hard at work in stealing this data. During the launch of the Infinix Hot Note, boys harvested and accumulated up to 90 GB of data. Denying unaware users of their priviledges

  5. I can call this fake because i bought a tab last week from the Jumia week long promo-an itel iNote Prime it1701. Inside the jumia bag was an Mtn sim and a small slip with info concerning the free mtn free 3gb data.
    I swung into action by going to their office at Festac first to register the sim and subsequently to’reedem’ the bonus but i met a brickwall despite doing what was stated on the slip.I left their office dissapointed as help didnt come from any of the staff. I wouldnt even have bothered myself because i have had stories about this before but i just had to register the sim which gave me the opportunity to inquire about the bonus.

  6. I’ve bought several phones from both Konga and Jumia with promise of free data, followed all the steps and didn’t get nothing.
    My infinix hot note came with a free mtn sim which I duly registered and sent all the commands, even sent email and yet nothing. Tweeted at Infinix and they were just turning me round and round, I gave up when I noticed it was widespread. I can count the number of persons that I’ve heard received free data on one hand

  7. So okay, @Kaylese and Ola Joseph, if you tried via the network and the manufacturer, have you gone back to the likes of Jumia or Konga about the issue (if you bought from them)?

    Also, I’m sure there’s something the manufacturers can do – especially the likes of Innjoo with a base in Nigeria – to counteract these “IMEI boys”? If they just want to shift phones and then take no responsibility, either via resellers and distributors, then you pretty much get what you pay for sadly, and shouldn’t rely on any free data offers.

  8. Didn’t think of that. Had to contact Jumia today, said they’ll get back to me… Still waiting

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