A saying goes, “All that glitters is  not gold.” It seems this has become the case with MTN and their data plans. Not long ago, MTN Nigeria…

What is wrong with the new MTN Nigeria data plans?

A saying goes, “All that glitters is  not gold.” It seems this has become the case with MTN and their data plans. Not long ago, MTN Nigeria launched a new data plan offering 2 GB for N1500. A Mobilista Sir Pito, complained he has been scammed on this plan. His data was exhausted in 2 days, and here’s the story:



He said he subscribed for this plan on Wednesday, and used it a bit. Thursday, he checked his data balance, and had 1.8 GB left. On Friday, he realized he could no longer browse. He then put a call through to customer service, and was told he had exhausted his data. Below is a screenshot of his data usage:



Amazing indeed.


Question is: Are these new MTN data plans a scam? Who else amongst us have been scammed in such manner? Please do share your experiences.


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  1. I known at least two other people whose subscription got abbreviated after just two months..

    See somebody…

    MTN wiped my 1.6GB and ₦1,501 yesterday. When I called Customer Care, they said I was browsing throughout yesterday while roaming. I didn’t have time for the phone yesterday because I was busy. I didn’t even pick my calls because I know they will change the caller high and charge me too. I made only 2 brief calls because it was important.

  2. Is that even possible? How would one be able to exhaust 2gb of data in two days when one is not hacking Satan out of hell. Mtn is hoodwinking lot of their customers this days, they did it to me on my weekly call plans. Even once going as far as subscribing me to a service I never heard of

  3. Why did the guy even subscribe to an unproven data plan in the first place when you can simply subscribe to BBLITED daily plan that cost only N70 and browse, stream and download unlimitedly with the use of psiphon handler app (no root needed to get it to work )

  4. Sounds similar to the Smile data debacle. Something is amiss and the networks aren’t being honest about it.

    It wouldn’t surprise me if there isn’t some insider sleight of hand going on.

  5. Same thing happened to me. I activated the plan via *567*3# and got 1GB for N1,000 but it got exhausted next day and all I can recall doing was WhatsApp chat and one or two app download. I’ll tweet the data usage screenshot to your @mobilityarena twitter handle shortly. I called 180 and it was one cork and bull story I was fed. I’ve not had their time, I would have gone to their office to raise dust. I need a statement showing how the data disappeared. I’m so angry I’m considering going to port my line for whatever it is worth! ?

  6. As for me myself and I, its glo 3GB 1k plan till the day that plan ceases to exist…#ItJustWorks!

  7. I ported from Mtn over a year ago to glo with no regrets and it’s been nothing but pure bliss from excellent call tariffs to #1,000 for 3GB data plan.

    I’m almost certain that MTN and apple share the same Babalawo.

    The way they hold customers spell bound is just amazing.

    Anyway, their juju didn’t work for me.


  8. Jes ending promos as dey please n changing description of promos anyhow.. Don’t blame we d users tho, ncc is at fault, letting them treat us anyhow cos of a few naira

  9. Funny stories…..anyway MTN gave me 1200min plus 500mb to call all networks for N1200. N1/min to all networks apart from my mb. I call for N20 a week on my second MTN (MTN TO MTN). Stories fly around where people browse and streams unlimited for N70 a day. Simple server still work with MTN bis. Most of us know and use all this but won’t say it about MTN only the very few bad side. Etisalat cheated me more than all the network put together with their stupid auto renewal but I still use the network o. I pity the person concern sha……….but for me what else do I need?…….another MTN SIM.

  10. Me I don tire 4 all their palaba oooooo. thank God 4 data resellers.all I do now is buy data with my ATM from the guys @ gnetservices dot net dot tf. dey av been serving me well. their data dey last wella,e dey cheap and no illegal stuff

  11. It’s funny what competition can bring to the table in the guize of promos and bonuses for the consumers benefits,knowing MTN and their initial exploitation of Nigerians one would guess all these are not done just for the love of their customers..

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