What’s your Deal-breaker with Mobile Phones?

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I was discussing with Dayo yesterday, and he mentioned that he had come to realise that a phone without a QWERTY keyboard is not one he would consider as a primary device. He had used the Nokia 5800 for some time now (after a long romance with the E71), and despite finding excellent points about the phone, he just still could not get comfortable with the lack of a hardware QWERTY keyboard.

In other words, the lack of a hardware QWERTY keyboard is a deal breaker for him. He has since replaced the 5800 with the more humble Nokia E63, which meets his requirements more.

Deal breaker: any issue or factor that is significant enough to terminate a negotiation, esp. in business or politics

Dayo and I are clearly in the same class: text input on a mobile device is important to us. Late last year, I purchased a Samsung i900 Omnia in a moment of a streak of daring. Within 5 minutes of unboxing the device, I knew I had made a mistake. I needed QWERTY! I replaced the Omnia with the E90 and lived happily ever after.

What’s your deal breaker? Poor video playback? Lack of a good camera? Lack of a touchscreen?

You tell me.


  1. Another deal breaker for me with the 5800 is lack of Microsoft Word editing feature built-in out of the box.

  2. Oh! Yeah. For this reason i purchased a Nokia keyboard for my Nokia phones. It works like magic. It uses bluetooth to connect with the phone. Beware bluetooth will drain your battery also you can’t carry it everywhere you go.
    I think the best bet is the Nokia N97 i’ll give it a try next month

  3. oh! My deal breaker with a mobilePhone would be a phone that won’t give me easy and fluid access to social media. It must have the capacity to upload videos and pictures from the phone. Touch screens are definately a deal breaker with me.

    Its painstaking for me to input text. I’ll keep the N8 for the picture, video and social media.

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