I spend a lot more time on Twitter than I do Facebook. As a matter of fact, apart from checking out people’s pictures, I find

What's Your Favourite Twitter App on Mobile?

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I spend a lot more time on Twitter than I do Facebook. As a matter of fact, apart from checking out people’s pictures, I find Facebook boring. Twitter seems to be an appropriate place to engage my mental faculties.


Anyway, I just got thinking about the different Twitter apps that I have used across various platforms.

What mobile platform are you using and what is your preferred Twitter app on that OS?

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  1. I use twitter for blackberry. It works fine for me. I tried ubersocial for blackberry but it didn’t fly for me. I also tried tweetcaster for blackberry but it takes a lot of memory.

  2. Yes; I fell in love with Tweetcaster for Android too.

    On Symbian, I am loving Tweeties (a new release) after years of Gravity.

    On BlackBerry, my preferred is UberSocial.

    On iOS, its the official Twitter app.

    MeeGo, I use the built-in Twitter app.

    I am yet to make up my mind on Windows Phone. Still experimenting.

  3. I use Nimbuzz for symbian and twit&fbk chat from there and I love it, my twitter refreshes after evry 3mins automatically or I do it manually if am in a hurry.

  4. Not an active I user of Twitter. I actually started using it a couple of weeks back and use it mostly as a news aggregator and to follow development of some apps.

    The official Twitter app bundled with my device is what I’m using for now.

  5. Mine is a different story.

    My main Twitter app, or may I say Twitter web App is CoTweet.

    For now, I don’t use Twitter on my phone at all.

  6. I’ve used so many Twitter apps in varying platforms. On iOS, Android and Symbian. No Blackberry or Windows phone yet. But I intend trying some there too when I own a WP device!

    Truth is I’ve tried official Twitter apps for Android and iOS, Gravity for Symbian, Twitbird, TweetMe, TweetCaster, Echofon, Hootsuit … and God Knows countless more!

    I’ve always said there is nothing like the BEST TWitter client for any one individual. It’s best you use the one that meets your needs at that point in time!

    However, my best Twitter app app of all time and platforms is Echofon. It meets my needs more than the others. Even then, I see myself using others one time or the other.

  7. As a heavy user of twitter here is my list of the best.
    On my bb ubersocial *this is the most complete twitter app on the planet*
    On my symbian Nimbuzz, it auto starts auto refresh and it ??????-???»??KK????-???»???.
    On my java used to be snaptu but now that is dead so its now writelonger

    Honourable Mention
    Gravity, tweets60, socially

  8. for me,……
    Symbian ^3
    i use nimbuzz, socially, gravity, trill…
    But i prefer socially……its awesome,

  9. Pls does anyone know of a good app that can run both facebook and twitter on symbian S06v3(I mean on phones like e71 and co) that is FREE?

  10. I’m with Harry Echemco; I think I’ve tweeted once since opening my account, but I follow lots of things, mainly news from different countries, so I use the app that came with my Android phone.

  11. I’ve found tweetdeck for android to be great and lovely for me too inaddition to tweetcaster for android.

  12. On Android, my best is Twitter for Android. It gives me all the details of a tweet–how many time it has been referred, who just followed me, conversations, picture preview and a lot more. Plus it does not consume my internet data much as it gives me the option to see or ignore tweets that I missed.

    On Nokia it is Gravity.

    On the Web, my preferred app is hootsuite.

  13. On Symbian, Gravity! is my favorite.

    On blackberry, it’s Ubersocial.

    On android, it’s Tweetcaster.

    On the Google Chrome web browsing, it’s Hootsuite. I recently started using Echelon with Firefox.

    I’m about to give Socialscope for blackberry a try.

  14. Thanks to you guys I’ve started using Tweets60 on my Nokia phone. Unfortunately I can’t buy Gravity because I don’t have a local visa card 🙁

  15. I use a windows phone. Most times, I run the “Me Tile” for my twitter updates but when DM’s and vanity (checking my RT’s) and all that are concerned, I use MoTweets and Rowi. I’d ocassionally pop up an app called BirdSong but the in built twitter and MoTweets are the mainstays. If you do own a windows phone, consider beez and Seesmic cause the options i have listed up there are all paid twitter aps.

  16. Oh shoot and before I forget, I used Witter on my N900 or i just visited the website directly and posted tweets. Witter was a robust twitter client though. Loved it until it bricked. Very buggy client.

  17. @fortespy please try this site, its a little dated though… probablytech.wordpress.com/2011/03/21/a-current-reviewcomparison-of-maemo-5-twitter-clients/

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