WhatsApp for Android gets updated with ‘Mark as Unread’ and other huge changes

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WhatsApp for Android users have just received an update bringing lots of new features. First off, you can now set custom notifications for individual contacts that is, ringtones, vibrations etc. You can also pay the yearly WhatsApp fee for any of your contacts.
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There’s the ‘Mark as Unread’ feature. Simply hold the conversation bar and select the option. It switches its status to green but doesn’t affect the read messages status. This would serve as a visual reminder for whenever you want to reply a chat.

Lastly, head to Settings> Chats and calls> and tick ‘Low data usage’. This helps to lower the amount of data used during WhatsApp calls. Cool!!.


It’s good to know Windows Phone users will get the feature too. A screenshot from WindowsCentral revealed the feature is in the latest beta version of WhatsApp. Meanwhile Android users, run to WhatsApp’s official website to grab the new apk file.


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  1. I need WhatsApp to enable sending of any file like Word, pdfs, powerpoint presentations, excel files etc

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