WhatsApp: Blue check marks for read messages?

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If you use WhatsApp frequently you must have noticed the usual two grey check marks which normally appears when a message is sent now turns blue after a while. This could be to indicate that a message has been read by the recipient.


This new feature has been added without you needing to update your WhatsApp. It seems like the new feature is still under construction as it’s no longer available on my phone.

If you have experienced this new feature on your WhatsApp, feel free to drop your thoughts.




  1. Whatsapp marks are as follows
    When you send a message
    One thick means it had left your phone
    Two black ticks means that it has been delivered to the recipient
    When the two ticks turn blue (new feature) it means the recipient has seen the message
    Those are the definitive interpretation

  2. While This Feature Could Be Great For Some,It’s A Darned Nuisance For Lots.

    There Are Many Times You Want To See What Someone Has Sent, But Don’t Want The Sender To Know You Saw The Message.

    Hopefully, If You Turn Off Data Before Opening Up The Whatsapp Message From Someone You Want Tp Avoid Without Ill Feelings , You Can Still Circumvent This Irritating New Feature…

    I Am Already Seeing Those Blue Ticks Intermittently…

    They Come And Go… For Now..

  3. I can see ’em but not from chats with everyone. Just two of my contacts, for now + I didn’t even update the App before I started to notice the change

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