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WhatsApp Business Accounts to arrive soon

WhatsApp is currently testing a new service for businesses to connect. The upcoming service is called WhatsApp Business Accounts and is already available to a few users in a closed pilot programme.


For one, the new WhatsApp service will enable businesses to have an official WhatsApp presence – a verified profile so people can identify a business from another person. At the moment, many businesses use a staff member’s personal or official line for communications. The new WhatsApp Business service means that this will change.

WhatsApp Business accounts

How To Recognise A WhatsApp Business Account

The service will roll out soon. When it does, if you see a green badge next to a contact’s name, that indicates that that the phone number of that contact has been verified by WhatsApp as belonging to a business account.


It will also make it easier for businesses to communicate with clients and customers via their own official channel. Imagine service notifications sent out from an official business account to all existing customers to announce a change, an emergency or a new product. Imagine an online store able to push out delivery schedules via WhatsApp to customers that have placed an order.

Individual WhatsApp users can also stop a business from contacting them by using the block function of the app. WhatsApp Business promises to be a great tool for both digital marketing and customer support.

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